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Coronavirus in the world: infections, updates and all the news about the situation

Coronavirus in the world: infections, updates and all the news about the situation

The Coronavirus pandemic has caused 3031441 deaths, according to data collected by AFP from official sources. The United States is the most affected country, with 568,416 victims, followed by Brazil (378,003), Mexico (212,466), India (180,530) and the United Kingdom (127,274).

Mexico, President Obrador gets AstraZeneca vaccination

With the virus cases in the country rising again, the President of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, has been vaccinated with AstraZeneca. “It didn’t hurt me – and above all – it protects us all,” he said, urging all Mexicans over the age of 60 to get vaccinated. Obrador, 67, said in March that he was still carrying the antibodies after he was infected in January, but that after a medical advice he decided to get vaccinated.

Japan, the government is ready to declare a new state of emergency in Osaka

Japan’s Osaka Prefecture has officially requested the central government to impose a new coronavirus emergency – the third in less than 12 months – to stop the rapidly growing infection in the Japanese capital. This was reported by the Japanese press, according to which the new measure could include, for the first time ever, measures to effectively close some commercial and entertainment activities. The activities likely to be included include restaurants, bars, malls, amusement parks, and underground arcades, although the final decision will be made by the central and provincial governments in the next few hours. Osaka Governor Hirofumi Yoshimura said at a press conference that the new state of emergency could last anywhere from three weeks to a month. Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga is studying the request, but did not make any final decisions yesterday evening. Tokyo, Osaka and eight other prefectures in Japan are currently under a “semi-emergency” under special laws, which include closing bars and restaurants in the early evening. However, these measures were not sufficient to contain the infections that have been building for weeks and threatening to put excessive pressure on the country’s hospital system. Since April 13, Osaka Prefecture alone has recorded more than a thousand cases of infection per day for six consecutive days, and on Sunday April 19, it reached a record number of 1,220 cases.

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India surpassed 2000 casualties in 24 hours

India has recorded more than 2,000 Covid deaths and nearly 300,000 new infections within 24 hours, which is one of the most dramatic numbers in the world in the daily estimates of the epidemic. The Ministry of Health reported 295,000 new cases within 24 hours, similar to those seen in the United States in January, and 2,023 deaths, bringing the country’s total death toll to 18,2553. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said last night in a letter to the nation. , The country of 1.3 billion people “is once again fighting a big battle, but this second wave came like a storm.”

Argentina, Federal Court excludes school lessons to exist

An Argentine federal court overturned a first-degree ruling by an administrative court in Buenos Aires that had authorized the capital’s government to allow students to be in schools, despite a presidential decree providing lessons only until the end of a month online to confront the coronavirus pandemic. After confirming that the court had no jurisdiction to issue orders in this matter, the Federal Court ordered the capital’s authorities to respect President Alberto Fernández’s decree, and refer the matter to the Supreme Court, which on Monday already said it was competent. To examine the essence of the conflict between Governor Horacio Rodriguez Larita and the Head of State. Once the media issued the Federal Court’s ruling, the critic “Casserolazo” of the pots and lids lasted about ten minutes in the middle and upper-class neighborhoods of Buenos Aires.

Corona virus, how do you get sick twice? Britain receives and intentionally infects 90 volunteers

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By Elena Dossi

Uruguay announced new measures to support activities worst affected by the epidemic

100% exemption from payment of contributions and exemption from payment of advance tax on business bills for the next six months. These are the main measures announced Tuesday by the Minister of Economy and Finance of Uruguay, Azusena Arbelice, to support the activities most affected by the restrictive measures adopted in the context of fighting the epidemic. This is a package that increases the spending ceiling for the COVID-19 Fund from $ 540 to $ 900 million. The beneficiaries of the new package of measures are mainly companies operating in the tourism, gastronomy and transportation sectors, which have been particularly affected by the complete closure of the borders ordered by the government before the start of the summer tourism season, which is still continuing until now. From the second wave of casualties in the region.

Vaccines. Colombia allows private purchase

Colombian President Ivan Duque announced that the Ministry of Health has decided to allow private agencies to obtain vaccines against Covid-19. Written by Simana Bogota Weekly. Then the portal indicates in its portal that the news was transmitted during a televised intervention by Doki, who warned that vaccines cannot be sold and must be “free as specified in the national vaccination program.” Therefore, he emphasized that “private companies will only be able to purchase vaccines that are licensed by the Institute for Drug and Food Supervision (Invima) for use in emergency situations.”

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Corona virus in the world, the United States advises against travel in 80 percent of countries