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I dati sul coronavirus in Italia di oggi, giovedì 17 febbraio

Piercamillo Davigo will be interrogated for revealing official secrecy

Piergamillo Davico, a historical member of the pool Clean hands He was also a member of the High Council of the Judiciary until October 2020 Sent for trial By Judge for Preliminary Trial of Brescia Federica Brugnara. Davico is accused of revealing the professional secret now known as the “Amara case” from the name of Eni’s legal adviser, lawyer Piero Amara.

The case involves some confidential statements containing unsubstantiated allegations against top political and judicial representatives of the world, which have been circulated among judges and handed over to certain journalists. In these minutes, Amara mentioned the secret organization known as “Hungary” which has the potential to influence the political and judicial life of the country.

– read more: The story of the secret minutes that took place in the High Court of Justice

The trial is set to begin on April 20, and will begin in April 2020. As stated in the indictment, the High Council of the Judiciary “in an informal way and without any official reason”.

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