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United States: Restrictions on vaccines and masks lifted in many restaurants

United States: Restrictions on vaccines and masks lifted in many restaurants

In the United States, many restaurants have masks and vaccine requirements, but cities do not go in the specific order.

In United States Many Restaurants They are coming Restrictions on vaccines and masks were lifted. Except that we operate in any particular order: in practice the rules vary in almost every city and every state.

We take New York City: For months, the city has been asking for the vaccine’s duty to access indoor restaurants and other functions. However, the government has canceled both orders since the beginning of the week. Kathy Hochul, Governor of New York, explained that the right decision was to deregulate and allow districts, cities and individual businesses to determine how to approach it. That’s a bit “Do as you wish”.

In fact, since the outbreak began, every city and state has acted in its own way: there are cities like this. New York, Los Angeles and New Orleans They have imposed a mandatory vaccination ban on access to various indoor functions once the vaccine is available to everyone. But there are other cities that have never imposed restrictions or quickly banned the use of masks.

However, as the Omigron wave recedes, even the most cautious cities and states are retreating. Eliminating the most stringent requirements Restaurants should be left to decide who should be allowed inside.

Recovered America

Let’s take the city PhiladelphiaFor example: Restaurants, bars, cinemas and casinos no longer require customers to ask for proof of vaccination (but in-house masks are still required). And only one month after this restriction came into force. However, not all cooks and restaurants agree. Mark Vetri, for example, says he likes the duty of the vaccine.

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Earlier this week, all Bay Area districts except Santa Clara were covered Abandoned the duty to wear a mask on campus Individual companies will decide whether to ask the vaccinated persons and the source of the vaccine.

Further Boston Announced the abolitionDuty to show proof of vaccination. Chicago, on the other hand, will only waive the same obligation if the city meets certain criteria. However, according to Dr. Alison Arvadi, Chicago’s public health commissioner, if other states do the same, Chicago could repeal orders regarding vaccines and masks.

DC and Twin Cities have also decided The duty to vaccinate should be abolished Can be eaten at home.

There are cities where governors do not pronounce themselves on various duties, so now these places should go on view. Here each restaurant, location or company determines which access rules to enforce. For example The Demskal distillery in San Francisco With the increasing number of clients and the increasing number of infections, it has decided to keep the need for the mask in practice.

Zuni Cafe, on the other hand, has decided to put into practice the duty of a mask and the duty of a booster to dine at home.