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The Asaco forum was vacated due to a chlorine leak

The Asaco forum was vacated due to a chlorine leak

The Asako forum was evacuated on Thursday morning, February 17, due to a chlorine leak from the pools and the inability to breathe air.

At 12:30 p.m., 9 ambulances and 2 self-medicating vehicles in yellow code intervened on the spot, according to the Regional Emergency Agency. About 40 people were discharged (from tanks to offices), and 26 had symptoms of intoxication (cough, burning eyes and throat). 5 of them were taken to the city emergency room; Two yellow code, the other three green code.

Photo – Firefighters

Firefighters from Milan’s provincial command (who came to the forum with the Nbcr nucleus and the division crew via Darwin) and Corsico’s carabinieri are also on duty. Take steps to disperse the leaking vapors: Firefighters open all the doors and windows of the system and position the fans to force air circulation.

Chlorine Leak in Forum: What Happened

Human error may have caused the leak during the maintenance phase of the pond. An outside company employee would pour chlorine into a box at the bottom of the pool. Subsequently, this material may come into contact with sulfuric acid, another substance commonly used to clean tanks, initiating a chemical reaction.

Through Giuseppe di Vittorio the whole structure was expelled as a precaution because the material entered the air ducts and spread over 5 floors scattering throughout the 45 thousand square meter system.

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