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Pd-M5s, Giallorossi Decline - Libero Quotidiano

Pd-M5s, Giallorossi Decline – Libero Quotidiano

The Italians say “center-right.” Whether it is united or in government, it depends on everything Matteo Salvini e Georgia Maloney, Its fights make the referendum useless. It Swg For that TgLa7 of Enrico Mentana, For example, which again speaks very clearly: The League Sales Al 21.7%, Increasing by 0.4 in seven days. Even better Brothers of Italy, Now the second party in Italy permanently 20% Round, +0.5 last week. Even in the face of the fall Come to Italy, Has now lost its leader and leading figure for several months Silvio Berlusconi Loses 0.6 6.3%, The total value of the center-right alliance rises 48 percent. Virtual value, as Leca and Forza Italia are government forces at the moment, even the pro-government Arlechino majority are “driving forces” Mario Draghi (Hence the motivation for what sometimes appears to be the “fill” of the chlorosis component), while at the same time the FDI was proud to be the only party in the parliamentary curve. Looking at the local elections, no one doubted the return of a coalition, but the strategic differences between leaders Salvini and Meloni could weigh in on the medium and long distances.

However, it is enough to use a little general knowledge to use the situation. “Tracy closed the left,” he echoed Antonio Chockey Sunday Free. The survey for Mentona seems to have fully photographed this concept. The Democratic Party, With all due respect Enrico Letta, Drying to half a percentage point, decreases 19% Round round. Although 5 star motion, Divided between Luigi de Mio e Giuseppe Conte, Continues its descent, and is now enduring 15.8%, Raised -0.7 last week. The climbs of the bushes on the left remain Action 3% (up to 3.3%) for the Italian left. So they will not go far.

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