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Massimiliano Lustri gets 500 thousand euros in prison for 30 months as an innocent

Massimiliano Lustri gets 500 thousand euros in prison for 30 months as an innocent

He was locked up in his cell for 30 months and had to stay for another 4 years, but in the end Massimiliano Lustri was able to convince the judges that he was innocent and receive record compensation: more than 500,000 euros.

Lustri, a Romanian artist living in Corville, popularly known as “Er Tabarella”, was imprisoned on charges of extortion. He threatened to kill a woman for the lawyer and was able to pay 6 6,000 in exchange for illegally occupying an Etter apartment in Trosteever.

In the first case, Lustri was sentenced to 6 years and 8 months in prison and fined 2,000 2,000, which was upheld on appeal in 2017. The sentence was finalized by the court with a verdict that could not be appealed to the Supreme Court, and Lustre was transferred to Civitavacia Prison, but Lustre’s new attorney, Giancarlo Carlusio, did not give up. He decided to initiate a complex criminal review process by contacting the Perugia Court of Appeals.

The key to gaining freedom is the decision of the Court of Appeals to hear the woman who allegedly extorted money, that she was none other than the sister of the only witness to the crime. She exercised her right not to respond in court.

The Attorney General of the Court of Appeal of Perugia asked Luster to confirm the review and sentence, but the college decided at the end of a lengthy council chamber: the release and release of the Roman artist was punishable by 12 years’ probation and a maximum of two million euros (which could reach a maximum of one million euros). Spent in a cell.

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“Justice is done”, was the opinion of lawyer Carlosio, while Lustre had problems with his partner, his young son and the Piacca Association, who specializes in carpentry and other crafts and precisely created law.