Thursday, July 25, 2024

The United States and Norway won against Germany and Kazakhstan


J at 38:56 on the Power Play. A goal by Robertson, c. Blackwell’s empty-net goal was repeated at 59:33, allowing Germany’s Pyongyang to beat the 2018 sub-Olympic champions the United States. Goalie Peterson’s match was excellent, with all 33 shots fired at him by the German strikers, while his German teammate Brookman received only 15 shots from his opponents.

In the other match, Norway recovered 3-1 against Kazakhstan, D.C. Shevchenko also took advantage of the first half of the game towards the goal, arriving at 16:00 in the first period. D. Thanks to Volkway Olsen’s goal, the Scandinavians found the balance at 27:57. In the final part, s. Espeland leads the Norwegians at 41:08 and then resists two numbered defects, m. Including 2 + 10 charged with irregular head to head against Roymark. Kazakhstan is trying to bring the match back into balance, but Ms. The Olympic goal at 59:00 closes every argument in favor of the Norwegians.

Thanks to these results, the United States ranks Finland at the top of the B levels


United States Germany 2-0 (0-0; 1-0; 1-0)
Norway Kazakhstan 3-1 (0-1; 1-0; 2-0)


1 Finland 6 15
2 United States 6 15
3 Kazakhstan 7 10
4 Germany 6 9
5 Canada 6 9
6 Latvia 6 9
7 Norway 7 8
8 Italy 6 0

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