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Fico regains the ‘hundred steps’ of Pecino Impastado

Fico regains the ‘hundred steps’ of Pecino Impastado

(From reporter Elvira Terranova) – One hundred steps, the house that separates Pepino Imbastado, the home of Dano Padalamenti, a proletarian democracy fighter killed by Cosa Nostra, and the mafia boss who is today the municipal librarian. This is the path taken by Roberto Figo, the chamber chairman at the company of Giovanni Impastado, the brother of the murdered journalist on May 9, 1978, at a farm house near Cincinnati (Palermo). . “A great emotion,” Figo continues without hiding his emotion. Upon arriving in Corso Umberto, he first visited the Gaza Memorial dedicated to Pepino and Felicia Imbastado, where he received a memorial plaque, which was later converted into the library of the former town house of the boss, Padalamen. “It was moving and exciting to see Pepino Imbastado’s house live. We feel even more about what Pepino State is like. He represents that part of the fighting and non-abandoning citizens, an exciting example for all of us,” he says. Coming out of the house. “Along with his friends and family who set a great example for Italy and Sicily, even that part of Sicily is dying for the state”.

He then meets the former comrades of Pepino Imbastado, who are now in their seventies. He tells them: “Thank you to everyone who kept the memory of Pepino Impastado alive. Thank you for all the work he did over the years. You also allowed his memory to live on. Again:” I thank you on behalf of the Italian Government, this is an important day for all of us. ” Going to the apartment building in Padalamenti, he added: “There is still a lot to be done in the fight against the Mafia, and this must be a priority for all Italian governments until we achieve a complete and decisive victory over the Mafia.” “We cannot be satisfied in small and big steps in the fight against the Mafia today There is one of the most advanced laws in Europe, we have taken tremendous steps, but we must not stop because we must defeat the mafia for sure, we do this with culture not with guns It’s possible, “said Roberto Figo, speaker of the House of Commons. “We have to fight with training against Cosa Nostra, and with serious investment this is true for the state – he says – and even in these very difficult times when our limits have come to the surface, I hope we have a vision of a shocking, determined perspective. This is one of the issues facing strength. “.

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His visit ended at the hut where the DP militant was killed

Figo then reiterated: “I have only seen this place in movies and read about it in books. It was so exciting and exciting to get to know this place firsthand. Seeing it live makes me realize even more about how much Pepino Impostado is. State and represent citizens who will never give up and fight for their ideas.” “. Later, at the exit of Gaza Memoria, as Figo retreated a hundred steps, he also gave the title to the film about Imbastado’s life, and the mayor of Cincinnati Giocomo Palazzolo put forward a plan: “Why did you not give the municipal library of Sinezi a name? Why not call it ‘Gaza 9 Majio’ in memory of Impastado, ‘he tells Pepino Impastado’s brother Giovanni and President Figo in 1978. The immediate response from Figo is: “This may be an idea, I like it.” Then everyone goes to the library to finish the visit. , Study of the farm house where Impastado was killed.It will soon become a museum.