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“Other than Theo or Liao, what is Milan’s true strength!” Unexpected revelation

He has a little time to rest Milan After the victory in Champions League against the Dinamo Zagreb.

In fact, there are only 3 days between the Rossoneri and the Ultra Challenge San Siro Sunday against NaplesWhich, as claimed by defender Simon as jayerIt won’t be decisive, but it will serve to make a preliminary verdict on the team’s season.

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From a big match between Milan And the Naples Also speaking, in exclusive to microphones editorial staff ball cuttersmatch analyst Massimo CarcarinoThe former collaborator of some Italian football faces such as de zerby And the Dionysus.

Cararino Scamaka Sassuolo

ROSSONERI VS AZZURRI – “I expect a great match, they are two teams that know what to do. They have a game idea, that famous identity above, well defined. I am absolutely convinced that instead of the Portuguese, Pioli decides to send Krunic to the field. Behind Giroud I think that Woody Kitilari and Messias will play. Without Leao Milan losing a good component of unpredictability, so I think Pioli decided to play differently“.

Strong points in Milan – “Today it is very easy to answer Tonali, Theo or Leao. They are footballers of another class and everyone sees. For me, the real secret of Milan lies in the defensive duo Tomori Kalolo. They are both fit and running, very strong. With these two, you can always drop an extra player into the offensive zone, precisely because they are able to get you back in the long run. If Milan achieve such impressive results, the credit goes above all to the central defence. Tomori We knew him, I’ve been following him for several years. Kalolo I must admit it was a discovery for PegsIn Lyon’s youth teams, he was a full-back, and instead turned him into a great central player“.

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Gabriella Ricci