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"We played and beat an entire stadium"

“We played and beat an entire stadium”

The UK is doing well to Giovanni Di Lorenzo. Fourteen months after Wembley won the final Euro 2020outside and captain Naples The satisfaction of jubilation in another monument stadium like Ibrox, Leading his comrades to resounding success against Notice On the second day of the Champions League group stage.

Naples, in the Rangers 90 minutes of heart and technique

Without the support of their fans, Luciano Spalletti’s team would have been commendable for resisting the opposite thrust of an entire stadium of theirs. Dark blueThe colors of the Rangers were forced to surrender to the technical superiority, but above all to the Napoli character even stronger than the possible psychological reaction that could arise from the double penalty he missed. Peter Zelensky.

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Napoli shouts: Politano, Raspadori and Ndombele overwhelm Rangers

Spalletti glorifies Di Lorenzo

No player on Spalletti’s team deserved marks below 7 on the report card, including the captain-led defense, which the coach once again reinforced at the press conference:I’m no longer talking about Di Lorenzo. I leave from 9 onwards to say somethingexclaimed the Tuscan coach, who also raised the merits of the other wing Mario Roy In addition to the central couple Kim Rahmani Which has now reached unexpected levels of comprehension and reliability after just one month of the season.

shoulder pads: "I thank Napoli for the evening of the dream"

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Spalletti: “I thank Napoli for an evening of dreams”

Naples, Di Lorenzo celebrates with Kvaratsekhelia

Di Lorenzo himself celebrated the evening with some real captain posts Instagram. The first photo with a group photo of the team before the start of the match with a symbolic comment: “On an entire stadium we showed a great personality by winning a tough match‘, then two stories, one of which sees the defender celebrating in the locker room side by side Khafesha Kvaratskheliathe other who resumes work with a fun emoji hands it to him Matteo Politano Player of the Match award.

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