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World Tourism Event, Cremona par excellence

World Tourism Event, Cremona par excellence

Cremona – For the second year in a row, Cremona is participating with its own pavilion at the World Tourism Event (WTE), now in its thirteenth edition, which this year will take place in Verona, in a prestigious and evocative setting of the Palazzo della Gran Guardia. WTE is a very important exhibition, meeting place for operators, as well as scientific insightswhich has always been an opportunity for knowledge and reflection on the heritage of UNESCO, and its importance in the development of cultural and informed tourism.

Our city had the honor of being the opening moment champion of the event. mayor Gianluca Galimberti Cremona presented highlighting its main characteristics from a historical, cultural, artistic and cultural point of view: Luthier’s knowledge fits well in the context of WTEone of the privileges of our city that must be increasingly appreciated, for the benefit of the operators of the sector and the development of tourism and therefore the economy as well.

Luca Borghazi and Barbara Manfredini

The mayor’s speech preceded the performance Lina Yokoyama who provided some Stradivari violin compositions “Golden Bell 1668”, a fine expression of Antonio Stradivari’s early years of work, coming from the private collection Alago Familienstiftung, and It was brought to Verona thanks to the “Friends of Stradivari” association of the Violin Museum.

An important moment for Cremona that has presented itself with its archaeological heritage famous all over the world, but also with the rich cultural programs of 2023 and many other attractions that are increasingly becoming important drivers of the city. Cremona, as evidenced by the “Cremona…” promotion that has gone viral on social media and in the press in recent months, is certainly Lutheran but also much more than that: Cremona is sport, food, nature, art, history, events and culture.

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Veneto Governor Luca Zaya and Lina Yokoyama

This is exactly what the tourism consultant focused on in their speeches Barbara Manfredini and culture consultant Luca Borghese: an intense and emotional story of what the city as a whole can offer, inextricably linked with the opportunity to find new contacts, and forge and nurture relationships that can achieve greater results than ever before. Talking about Cremona in these areas at the national and international levels is increasingly essentialIt is now impossible to ignore these occasions.

Many buyers from Italy, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, France, Germany, Israel, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Finland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United States of America can learn about the characteristics of our tradition of stringed instrument building and the entire musical context that permeates Cremona and that increasingly succeeds in fascinating the tourists who discover it. An intense agenda consisting of meetings and exchanges with different topics and at the highest level.

A moment of confrontation between supply and demand that has become a meeting point between the world of culture and tourism to promote the so-called slow, emotional and conscious travel.. The operators are selected to identify and promote the tourist presentation of the tangible and intangible heritage of humanity by UNESCO in their trade catalogs, and many of them have been amazed by the timeless charm of the Lutheran art of knowledge according to the Cremonese method.

Many visitors who have stopped since the first day with interest in the pavilion set up by the municipality’s promotion, information and tourist reception service, where Information materials of various kinds have been provided with operators ready to respond to requests and curiosities to give an idea of ​​what kind of experiential tourism Cremona can offer..

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