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Serkan / Love is in the air

October 25, 2021 plot, episode progress

predecessor An episode of the Turkish series loves in the air from Monday 25 October 2021: Milo pretends to be depressed to make Ida go out with her. The two go to a restaurant where Melek disappears in time: the girl already agrees with Serkan, who intends to surprise Edda.

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Serkan is late for Eda’s surprise dinner and this happens due to a visit from Selin, who is now increasingly jealous of Eda, but also because of Ceren, who warns him of the “plan” organized by Eda and Deniz to make him jealous.

Siren, upset by the fact that Deniz does not accept his advances, now understands that the man loves Ida and thus puts the latter in a bad light. Anyway, Serkan goes to the restaurant anyway and accepts Eda. At that moment she thinks the man had remembered their love, but reveals that he kissed her in the hope that the memory hadn’t crossed his mind.

Ida slaps Serkan and gets angry, but Melek and Iver lead her to consider that Serkan is at least trying to restore the relationship.

Iver and Idan end up at the police station…

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