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WWE: Charlotte was found responsible for a close fight with Becky and was sent out of the ring

WWE: Charlotte was found responsible for a close fight with Becky and was sent out of the ring

There are some very serious fallouts from last night’s SmackDown evening, as it looks like there was a tough backstage showdown between Charlotte and Becky Lynch. The discussion appears to have arisen from the delicate balance between these two stars, with neither of them wanting to appear “weaker” than the other. A sensitive issue that could have deteriorated last night after the clip shown at the conclusion of the SmackDown episode.

The script is not respected

The clip of the exchange of belts, with the belt thrown to the ground by the two, as if awkwardly forcing the other to carry it, appears to have been done in a different way than the text. Initial reports of Charlotte throwing belts on the floor spoke entirely out of the script, but later news broke the hype, simply talking about a scenario that was a little different than what we later saw on TV.

the offending part

Charlotte was kicked out of the ring

Then the real discussion erupts behind the scenes, with Charlotte being asked to leave the arena to avoid further turmoil. A very decisive move by WWE, which indicates that there is something really heavy between the two. According to some sources, Charlotte was seen as guilty of focusing on switching belts on her and Becky rather than working on building a rivalry with Sasha Banks who is supposed to be the face of the future Smackdown star. There will be no mutual accusations from WWE against Becky, who appears to be provoked by Charlotte to the extreme. According to PW Insider Becky, it will be more than defensive.

Although WWE didn’t like it, what happened to Wichita doesn’t seem to jeopardize Charlotte’s future in WWE, who remains one of the company’s leading faces and is unlikely to be left free to marry in AEW as boyfriend Andrade.

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