Monday, July 22, 2024

“They let me get off the train because the green lane is over.”


The observer abides by the rules but attacks: “shame”.

Traveling from Milan to Rome, Martini boarded the train when her permit was no longer valid for a few hours. “But it is worth the day, not the time,” she justified with the train conductor who instead explained to her that she should have renewed her green card before boarding the plane. “He had time,” he says. In Bologna, she is forced to disembark from Frecciarossa, as required by safety regulations, but she does not disembark and confirms on Instagram her point of view.

“Anyway, Trenitalia made me get off Fruccia Rossa, the last train of the day to get back to Rome from Milan, because the 4 hour Grené pass had come to an end (I didn’t realize it) leaving me alone in Bologna at night. That is because they do it.” For our own good,” Daniela wrote as she posted the video of the dispute with the controllers. Followers are divided: some support it, but many point out how safety rules apply to everyone and should be respected.

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