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Not only sports: you can also burn calories on the computer, here's how many calories you burn every day

Not only sports: you can also burn calories on the computer, here's how many calories you burn every day

Some recent studies challenge the idea that time spent at the computer is completely devoid of material benefits.

Since the early days of these gadgets appearing on the world stage, sports and computers have been viewed as opposite sides of the same coin. Both activities are fun and exciting, but if exercise is generally associated with a positive image of well-being, Instead, the computer conjures up darker, quieter, and in some cases, even unhealthy scenarios. This is a concept that, in light of recent discoveries, should be partially revised.

Spending long hours at the computer may burn more calories than you think –

Some studies have highlighted that, surprisingly, Activities such as clicking a mouse can consume a fair number of calories. Obviously, none of these results suggest replacing physical exercise with a sedentary lifestyle on the computer, but the data that has emerged is nonetheless very interesting.

Unbelievable but true: spending hours and hours sitting in front of the computer burns calories

One of the most interesting aspects of this discovery concerns the world of video games. Traditionally, video games have been viewed as a hobby that contributes to a sedentary lifestyle. Research conducted by esports analytics platform Stakester revealed a different picture: Playing video games for two hours can result in a similar caloric expenditure as significant physical activity.

It seems that activities such as video games and computer use can have an impact on our physical health.

The researchers examined the heart rate and calorie consumption of a mixed sample of 50 gamers, focusing on popular games such as FIFA and Warzone. The study found that Two hours of gaming can burn up to 420 calories for men and 470 calories for women.That's a similar amount to what's burned in an hour of cycling, or, incredibly, a thousand sit-ups.

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In parallel, a study by the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) of 1,400 gamers from 65 different countries showed that gamers are 21% more likely than non-gamers to have a healthier body weight than the population average. In addition to, It appears that players tend to smoke and drink less than average.

Away from the world of video games, a Japanese study shed light on how simple daily movements, such as using a mouse, can contribute to calorie consumption. Each mouse click burns 1.42 caloriesGiven an average of thirty clicks per minute for five hours, the daily total could reach 13 calories. Although this number may seem small, it highlights the importance of considering all daily movements as part of our calorie budget.