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The best match of the season came on Matchday 34: 90 minutes of desire and enthusiasm

The best match of the season came on Matchday 34: 90 minutes of desire and enthusiasm

The draw with Roma is Napoli's best match of the season. The best performer in terms of intensity, offensive production and “desire” as Calzona described it. The best match of this management, and perhaps of all the previous ones, arrived four days before the end of the tournament, at the end of April.

For the first time in this unfortunate year, The Azzurri maintains the intensity, speed and high focus throughout the entire 90 minutes (Or rather 89, up to Abraham's goal). Deepening the analysis through the numbers, it appears that Sunday's race was a record Highest offensive production number: The expected goals scored by Napoli in the 2-2 match against Roma is 3.5, and the Azzurri have not performed better on any occasion this season (equal to 3.5 xG in the 1-6 match against Sassuolo) As you can see from the chart in the picture.

Moreover, against the Giallorossi Napoli presented a very high level, both athletically and mentally: Calzona's men defended high throughout the match, stealing countless balls from the opposition's backline that was under construction. As is clear in the graph in the picture, A peak of 7 stolen balls was recorded in the opponent's half in each half of the match (15 minutes) and the rhythm remained constant except for the beginning of the second half (from 45 minutes to 60 minutes). Conversely, De Rossi's side were never able to win the ball back in the blue three quarters, an indicator of getting out from the bottom with precision, despite taking into account the opposition's defense for a large part of the match.

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It is not undefeated Roma, but the magnificent Napoli that makes it seem so, as De Rossi himself admitted: “Subject to the advantages of Naples, a superior performance was required…“The strong attacking ability contrasted with the usual defensive confusion, and this time it was evident not at the collective level but in the individual player. Juan Jesus' mistake, a repeated punishment that continues to have a disastrous effect on those who elected him as Kim's replacement.

A performance that can only increase regret for the result itself and above all for what happened during the entire season. Technical quality lost in evil corporate choices, The power of “those who won the Scudetto” which has never completely disappeared, but is only obscured, and which because of its power, now and then, at small intervals, can only emerge again..

(Data: Opta; CalcioData)