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The ID@Xbox Digital Showcase event is today, follow along with us: we remember the date and time of the event

The ID@Xbox Digital Showcase event is today, follow along with us: we remember the date and time of the event

As reported last week, the new meeting will be held today ID@Xbox digital gallery, a presentation event organized by Microsoft and dedicated to indie games that are part of the specific program of the Xbox division. The show will be held Today, April 29, at 7:00 pm Italian time It will be broadcast and commented on Also directed by

So you will be able to follow with us the new ID@Xbox digital exhibition, organized in collaboration with IGN, with live translation and commentary by the editorial staff, on Our channel on Twitch Or simply by starting the stream shown in the embed below.

So the appointment is this afternoon at 7.00pm, don't miss it because there might be some interesting news.

Right now, the games that have been announced at the event are few, but most of them will be shown off as a surprise during the live stream, so you can expect a good amount of games if things go as they usually do with @Xbox ID presentations.

Lots of new features potential coming soon

Dungeons of Hinterberg looks really interesting

between The games have already been confirmed Meanwhile we find the following:

But obviously this is only a very small part of what will be shown during the event, which usually includes dozens of titles including new announcements and presentations of already known and upcoming games.

Considering that the ID@Xbox program has recently reached 5,000 studios in its course and has led to the publication of more than 3,000 independent titles, in this case also we can expect many new features, even if it is difficult to make accurate predictions.

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Among the most anticipated indie games already announced for Xbox are Replaced, Way to the Woods, Still Wakes the Deep, Go Go Town, inKONBINI, Jump Ship, and of course also Hollow Knight: Silksong, but these are just vague assumptions about what We can expect it this evening.