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Giulia Salmi and her podcast “I don't do it for the fashion”

Giulia Salmi and her podcast “I don't do it for the fashion”

“It's an hour-long conversation. Intimate, real and honest, with someone special,” says the presenter

Giulia Salmi, Podcast: I'm not doing it for the fashion, 2024

Georgia Belfiore
April 30, 2024 at 08:04

We all have something that made us feel bad and didn't let us sleep at night. We have all gone through difficulties. I want to talk about that. I want to talk about dark moments through my guests, because I believe this can give those listening the strength to fight back.” So is the influencer and presenter. Julia Salemi He narrates, in a simple and concise way, his first podcast “I don't do it for fashion.”Available on all streaming platforms and YouTube.

Julia, tell us about your new project.
“It's an hour-long conversation. Intimate, sincere and sincere with someone special. I am not the protagonist. This time I'm the host.”

How were you born?
“I wanted to do this for two years, but I didn't have the right idea or the time. I was busy with other jobs. Then finally the stars aligned. I decided to talk about generational discomfort and take light on important topics to counter the superficiality and fantasy that exists in today's world.” .

On the podcast she asks everyone, “How uncomfortable are you?” Let's turn the question to you.
“i am confused. I am no longer a twenty-year-old girl, but a thirty-one-year-old woman. I feel as if I am in a transitional phase, between a period of unconsciousness and a period of responsibility. “I'm really a mess: the things I once loved I no longer love.”

What are you looking for now?
“I want the truth.

I'm tired of lies, superficiality, and fleeting things. Previously, my goal was to chase acceptance. its enough. I no longer wanted to let anyone make me feel right or wrong. The podcast is proof of that.”

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How are you after this new experience?
“I feel very rich. Every guest taught me something.”

What is the episode that sticks most in your heart?
“I am honest: that of Alfonso Signorini, the open and generously self-confident friend. Seneca's beautician also left her mark on me (Entrepreneur Christina Fugazi, founder of cosmetics brand VeraLab, editor), who did a very honest and clear social media analysis with me.”

“I'm not doing it for the fashion”, a few days after its release on April 12, entered the top podcast rankings on Spotify Italy. What was your first reaction?
“I was shocked! I put a lot of emotion into it. I admit that every day I check how things are going and I am surprised every time.

Television today does not offer many opportunities. On the other hand, podcasts are an excellent way to train and engage.”

What do you hope for your future?
“Now I just want to enjoy the present. My goal now is to grow and improve this project, create themed episodes and receive more and more guests. I care about him very much. Podcasts give us the opportunity to bare our souls, and I want to continue doing that.”