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The Great Ring of Heaven challenges the theories governing the universe

The Great Ring of Heaven challenges the theories governing the universe

Agatha Christie said: “A clue is a clue, two are coincidences, three are clues.” What if there are seven? If there are seven, then our theories that govern the universe, in particular Cosmic principle, they start to stumble. Let's go in order, respecting the news. to 243rd Meeting of the American Astronomical Society Speaking this week in New Orleans, Alexia Lopez, a doctoral student at the University of Central Lancashire, presented research demonstrating the existence of what she called… The Great Ring of the Sky, a circular structure about 1.3 billion light-years in diameter consisting of galaxies and galaxy clusters In the direction of the Bootes constellation. According to current theories, the size of the megastructure cannot be larger than 1.2 billion light-years.

Cosmic principle

According to current physical laws, such a structure should not exist because it contradicts the cosmological principle, i.e.The universe on a large scale is homogeneous, while it is not on a local scale. We see this too: planets, stars, and galaxies prove that matter collects in the middle of large empty spaces. But on very large scales, the universe appears homogeneous, with superclusters of galaxies randomly distributed in a way that does not depend on our vantage point. It follows that at the moment of the Big Bang the universe must already have been homogeneous.

– The random distribution of galaxies in the homogeneous universe as observed by the Hubble Space Telescope (NASA)


The fact is that two years ago Alexia Lopez discovered another structure that defies the laws that govern the structures of the universe. It's aboutgiant bow, Which extends 3.3 billion light-years, and is located close (so to speak, since we are talking about galactic distances) to the Great Ring. The Great Ring is located 9.2 billion light-years away from us, and its circumference is 4 billion light-years, but it is not visible to the naked eye. If it were, its size would be fifteen times the size of the full moon. “Neither the Great Ring nor the Giant Bow can be explained by current cosmological theories“, commented Alexia Lopez. In addition to his two, they were Five other “unexplained” massive structures were previously discovered. So what causes these massive structures that “shouldn't exist”?

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The three hypotheses

Scientists put forward three hypotheses. The Great Ring may be connected to Baryon acoustic oscillations (BAO), can be observed in the cosmic microwave background due to fluctuations in the density of baryons, that is, the elements that make up ordinary matter. There is a second theory related Conformal periodic cosmology (CCC), proposed by Nobel Prize winner Roger Penrose. The Great Ring will be a sign of the infinite cycles of the universes. Reducing the theory to its bare bones, we can say that from the end of one universe begins the beginning of another in an endless cycle. The third hypothesis indicates effects Cosmic threadsWhich were probably created in the primitive universe and which according to another Premio Noble, Jim PeeblesIt may have played a role in the distribution of large-scale galaxies.