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Non-carcinogenic meat and alcohol.  Italy beat the EU bureaucracy

Non-carcinogenic meat and alcohol. Italy beat the EU bureaucracy

We face so many attacks on food and wine made in Italy that we cannot effectively counter them, from counterfeits to Italian sound. But yesterday we rejected it. It is friendly fire from the European Commission. It yesterday removed some essential foods in the Mediterranean diet from its blacklist of products that cannot be advertised. A victory for Italy and other countries that opposed this discrimination against food identities and traditions.

The issue is wine, meat, cured meats and beer. Products initially excluded from Regulation 1144/2014 on the promotion of agri-food products for 2023 were considered to be carcinogenic or harmful to health. This will exclude Chianti Classico, Chianina and Prosciutto San Daniele from the European funding for incentives provided by the scheme, worth 185.9 million euros next year alone. “An ideological approach that discriminates against foods that are an integral part of the Mediterranean diet,” according to Goldretti, noting with relief that “the European Commission has eliminated in the review elements that penalize these products.”

Of course, this is a partial result, however important, it does not exclude future new attacks on products, which, as the managing director of Filiera Italia Luigi Scordamaglia pointed out, “is not welcomed by the campaign for the transition to a single world food system.” , artificial food is a candidate to replace natural food.

The whitewashing of wine, meat and other products from the European ban list was the result of hard lobbying work by Italy and eight European governments, including France, Spain, the Netherlands and Poland, which voted against the European Commission in late October. Proposal for the 2023 Annual Work Plan for the Development of Agricultural and Food Products. The Commission presented a revised plan over the objections of Rome, Paris and Madrid. “The work done in recent months – the president of Coldretti, Ettore Brandini is happy – has led us to a direct confrontation with the EU commissioners Timmermans, Wojciechowski and Gentiloni, and something our government has done has broken the lead at the European level. However, in the next regulation, the right amount of meals to be consumed throughout the day It’s important to keep our guard up so that we don’t go back to demonizing certain products instead of being informed.”

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“This is very important news for the whole country, the success we have achieved by fighting resolutely to protect the excellence of Italy – writes the Minister of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty Francesco Lollopricita on Facebook – now we have even more economic resources for geographical indicators. , as we asked for two more 2 million euros». “The risk is this Not without an elbow to walk, passed – President of the European Parliament’s Commission on Constitutional Affairs and Fi’s MEP, Salvatore De Meo – considers. I note with satisfaction that the European Commission has removed meat and wine from the list of foods considered to be harmful to health after they considered them to be unreasonably harmful». “Another point in favor of natural and quality food products against artificial products”, rejoices Nicola Procaccini, MEP of FdI-Ecr, Environment and Energy Manager of FdI of Italy and member of the Agriculture Commission of the European Parliament.