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Qatar investigation, between 100 thousand euro vacations and a "giant".

Qatar investigation, between 100 thousand euro vacations and a “giant”.

The two women, represented by Angelo Di Rizzo and Nicola Coli, said they had no knowledge of the contest before a judge at the Brescia Court of Appeal, who confirmed the arrest and granted house arrest. That is, as stated in a document entered into the police database of all countries in the Schengen area, “to be aware of the activities of the husband/father and to participate in the transport of ‘gifts’ given to him. Morocco, by Moroccan Ambassador to Poland Abdelrahim Atmoun”. In a brief statement of the facts, the magistrate asserted that the “presumption of innocence” applied, writing that the crimes emerged from the transcript of the wiretaps between Banseri. Fight against impunityand wife.

A holiday worth 100 thousand euros – Pending May’s transfer of a European arrest warrant, which has been detailed in columns of an investigation that has engulfed the European Parliament, a conversation also emerged in which a Christmas holiday for the whole family would cost 100. A thousand euros. Film about what investigations are going on and what his wife talked to on the phone.

The “Giant” Mystery – The document, a four-page file that summarizes some of the conversations, explains that Maria Colleoni and Panzeri used the credit card of a third party known as “The Giant”. Also, planning a family vacation during Natalie’s break, talking about expenses and stressing “We couldn’t spend 100,000 euros (…) like last year“, Maria Colleoni allegedly told her husband to “open a bank account in Belgium” in which she did not want him to “do any operations without being able to control it”. She then advised him to open an account. “VAT registration, Panzeri a new business activity subject to VAT may have begun”. This shows that the wife “had some sort of control over the activity – the judge notes – or that she at least tried to “maintain some control”.

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Then, finally, Maria Colleoni used the word ‘combines’ (French for ‘dealing’) to refer to her husband’s “travels and affairs. The French word combines is negative and suggests that the husband uses clever and often false methods to achieve his goals”.

Allegations against Pancheri – According to Belgian investigators, Panzeri, along with others including the vice-president of the European Parliament Eva KylieUsing “politics” would have interfered “Ingenious and often wrong methods” In exchange for payment of money and gifts or gratuities to influence members of the European Parliament “for the benefit of Qatar and Morocco”. According to Belgian investigating judge Michel Claes, the crimes to be charged in the group are criminal association, corruption and money laundering.