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Recovery Donut -

Recovery Donut –

This is a belief at the expense of putting a character like Sergio Matterella in an awkward position. However, the problem at the top of the Democrats is not to be ignored: thirty years later, the goalie has always been a choice to play the role of the lion of the left, and in this edition Enrico Letta and his comrades did not. Have a candidate. Or rather, they have ten names (they never fall short) but none are really competitive.

So the only way is to extend the seven-year term of an impeccable president like Matterella, perhaps with Biden’s blessing and in two “unspoken” years he could leave Guerrero and leave Mario Tragi. Revised and revised re-proposal of the process confirming the second term of Giorgio Napolitano. Despite the reluctance of interested parties to pull the jacket to the max and tear the forced “ni”, Democrats’ public servants believe in this life saver: that is, they believe in the end. The current head of state will guarantee the Democrats a way out.

In fact, a strategy is planned to achieve the goal: the Left will “stop” a leading candidate in the first ballot; From the fourth ballot, he will continue to be “suspended” to prevent the Pope from leaving the center-right candidate convention; And, again, because of fatigue, unable to elect a president, the center-right will insist on “blocking” until the balance is accepted and Matterella stabilized.

In fact, Letta, in the role of the Roman general Fabio Massimo, is “The Temporegiator”. Now, apart from the fact that Materella must agree to turn his presidency into papacy, the second election will allow him to remain on the mountain for two to seven years (only 46 of the 264 popes lasted more than 14 years on the throne of St. Peter), and there are many difficult obstacles to overcome. First, it focuses on a question of institutional etiquette: a head of state can only be elected a second time by a consensus committee. Napolitano Dassette. It is useless to remember that the center-right is already turning its mouth on this matter.

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Then, the second problem, if you think about the former president, is that a double term does not reward: Napolitano won his victory at the end of his first seven years, two years after he left the chorus of controversy and criticism.

Finally, the third question is about this infamous political class, which, after seeking a “technical expert”, should seek refuge in the “extension” to form a government, at least efficient and authoritative that does not recognize a name for the Guernsey. . Bluntly admitting weakness. In short, on closer inspection, there is something that everyone has to lose through such an epilogue. Starting with Matterella. Only the Democrats can benefit from the “stalemate”. In fact, thanks for the classic recovery donut.