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USA, Joe Biden loses majority: Senator becomes independent

USA, Joe Biden loses majority: Senator becomes independent

Do not question the majority – In an interview PoliticsSinema, however, has vowed that he will not join the Republicans and therefore not question holding a supermajority, and there are two pro-leaning independents: Vermont’s Bernie Sanders and Maine’s Angus King. Sinema explained his choice with a desire to be in tune with the voters of his state.

That’s why Kirsten left the cinema – “When politicians care more about denying the opposition victory than improving the lives of Americans, it’s ordinary people who lose,” he said. “So I join the ranks of Arizonans rejecting partisan politics by declaring my independence from Washington’s dysfunctional partisan establishment,” he continued. “Like many Arizonans, I’ve never been comfortable with any national party,” he finally admitted.

Who is Kirsten Cinema? – Lawyer, peace activist, three-term deputy leader after serving in the Green Party, the 46-year-old senator became the first openly bisexual woman and the second openly LGBT woman elected to both houses of parliament in 2012. 2018. All these years he has been a moderate, often voting with the opposition and blocking many of his party’s laws along with centrist Joe Manchin.

White House comment – However, the White House wants to recall the times when the cinema voted with the Dems, underlining that “it was a key partner in some of the historic legislation promoted by President Biden in the last 20 years.” And the senator’s decision “will not change the new Democratic majority in the Senate: we have every reason to expect that we will continue to work successfully with him.”

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However, the party now faces the dilemma of whether to launch a candidate against him in the 2024 election, with the vote scattered and risk losing his seat to Republicans, or to support him even though he is no longer a member of Temple. .