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La Roma di Mourinho comincia bene: 3-1 alla Fiorentina nel segno di Abraham e Veretout

Mourinho’s Roma starts well: 3-1 at Fiorentina in Abraham’s mark and Veritot

Mourinho’s second Italian adventure begins well: The Rome Vince 3-1 against the Fiorentina For the first time in the league.

Coaches’ Choices Mourinho confirms ten on eleven regarding the formation of Trabzon, in the Conference League: The big news is that Abraham is the center of the attack. Two changes instead for the Italian from the Coppa Italia, with Cosenza: Dragoovsky is back in goal, and Igor replaces Pezzella (who was sold to Betis) in the four defense.

beginning of the study – The match starts with Fiorentina having more possession than the Giallorossi, ailing looking for spaces to attack with strong attacking players. In the first quarter of the hour, feelings are translated into a cross on each side running in front of the goal and in yellow to Pellegrini (12 minutes).

Fiorentina stays at ten A big turning point in the match comes already in the 17th minute: Abraham was fired into the open field and Dragovsky overwhelmed him. The Polish goalkeeper and Fiorentina were sent off in ten minutes: Callejon leaves room for him. At 24′ here is the first loop, with a right of a slightly wide Pellegrini.

Mkhitaryan blows the net – The gypsies found strength from the expulsion, and soon thereafter also the advantage. In the 26th minute, Abraham Mkhitaryan sent in front of Terracciano: the Armenian feels cold blowing the net, but Pareto points out that he is offside. After a long VAR review (about 2 minutes) the decision changes: everything is regular, it’s a goal. Roma melts away and approaches the immediate doubling: Shortly after half an hour, Zaniolo explodes really hard from the edge that afflicts Terracciano’s fist.

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Purple reaction at the end of the first half – At 34′ Fiorentina has an excellent chance of a tie: Bonaventura has space in the area, but his right foot (neither strong nor angled) hits Rui Patricio. For the Portuguese goalkeeper, two more (simple) interventions on Igor and Maleh, before the initial break ends: in the first half it is 1-0.

Recreating digital parity – Recovery begins, and after 7 minutes he gives a big shock: Zaniolo at 52′ tackles the (naive) second warning from his evening and leaves the field prematurely, returning the match to numerical parity bars. The news awakens Fiorentina, who scored two goals in six minutes: Rui Patricio is good in both cases, first over Vlahovic and then on Polgar.

New drawing and override – The match exploded in six minutes: in the 60th minute Fiorentina found a tie with Milinkovic who received in the area a good cross from Polgar after a pattern, took control of Rui Patricio and hit him with his left hand. The pride of Roma is immediately apparent, which excels: first Abraham hits the crossbar (62′) after Pellegrini’s excellent performance, and then again the VAR gets his hands on the match. In fact, Pareto had offloaded Veretout initially, but here comes the correction: Abraham, the help author, is starting a regular. At 66 minutes, Roma is 2-1.

Veritot becomes king of the game – Fiorentina does not give up and tries to respond, with a high right-footed shot from a newly entered Benassi in the 75th minute. Five minutes later, the curtain fell early in the match. Veritut, previously in a mood for strikes, still thinks about it: in the 80th minute, he was a double, thanks to the excellent service of Shumorodov (who entered a little earlier in place of Ibrahim). In the final, there will also be time to win 4-1, but Terracciano is keeping an eye on Shumorodov.

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