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"This is what deserves to beat Juventus."

“This is what deserves to beat Juventus.”

Not just the Scudetto. Lotaro Martinez Indulge yourself in the “Sky Sport” mics once again A point of reference in the Nerazzurri universe, He made it clear that he fully understands How important is it You have Juventus Inter. They won For nine years, And it will be very important go there And this game is played with The Scudetto, which is already oursArgentine explained.

“They won All league titles for nine consecutive yearsWe are We haven’t won a single one in eleven yearsIf we have He lost the final match. So this year was important Take something And here we are He took the championship – Lautaro Martinez explained – Now go to … Facing Juventus at his home With what scudetto already us It’s something really important. “

Several years later See people celebrate It’s the most exciting thing. It allows you to understand How much people care about it. Get this time of season with Lots of useful points It’s cool, however Greatest emotion She was coming On the bus Before Game with Sampdoria. It seemed to me that I find myself in the heat of ArgentinaNerazzurri number 10 has been added.

So, Lotaro Take off his hat In front of a certain teammate:The most important goal Record it for the Scudetto Eriksen Against the Croton. In that match he scored Also HakimiBut Christian was decisive. “

Also important is Relationship with comrade LukakuWe found each other from day one, He spoke Spanish And we have Discuss 2-3 hours Right from the first exercise. It was You watched our matches already e He knew us. Then we were raised thanks to work, and we were doing better for each other. We do that Also with Sanchez“.

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OMNISPORT | 15-05-2021 08:38

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