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Modern pentathlon, good Italy in the World Cup.  But discipline risks disappearing from the Olympics

Modern pentathlon, good Italy in the World Cup. But discipline risks disappearing from the Olympics

Italy runs, swims, shoots with sword, hits the mark, rides a horse (for now). Women have already done it well, and now even men are finding themselves retaliating. . national team modern pentagram He returned with a smile and two medals from Budapest, the second stage of four stages world Cup. Five out of eight athletes are in the final, some of whom are already close to qualifying for the June final in Ankara (where the final race will also take place, preceded by a trip to Bulgaria on May 10-15). “It’s a sign that the group is strong – he explains Fabrizio PettnerPresident of the Italian Modern Pentathlon Federation -. While the girls’ eve had a day of certainty, we are thrilled to be back at the heights in the men’s field after four difficult years.”

Between fencing (sword), swimming (200 styles), horse riding and mixed test running and shooting with a laser pistol, Elena Micheli It is second only to the host Michael Julius (1406 points for blue, 1420 for Hungary). The Carabinieri runner was not satisfied with repeating his victory in the first stage in Egypt. “A fairly hard race, with some road accidents – Micheli said at the end of the race – but it’s also the beauty of our sport: the unpredictability that involves the tireless pursuit of changing the race when something is not going as it should.” In the final with her too Maria Lea Lopez And Maria Beatrice Mercury. Absent because she is pregnant Alice SoteroFourth place in the Tokyo Olympics.

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Elena Micheli, second in Budapest in the second round of the World Cup

The other Italian silver won it Mattia Baresi (1498 points) ranked second behind the Czech Republic Martin Flach (1,510). The platform was completed by the German Christian Zilkins (1495). “I am satisfied with my performance – explained the 27-year-old from the Carabinieri sports group – and with my growth. It was a great day full of emotions. I hope to continue like this for the rest of the season.” Matteo Sicinelli. “These results are confirmation of how much the national team has grown – commented DT. Andrea Valentini -. In addition to the podiums, we also have important positions, we are also healthy thanks to the work of our staff. “Italy, in the last round of the series, closed the mixed relay in fifth place thanks to Alice Reno And Daniel Colasanti.

The Italian national team in Budapest for the second round of the World Cup

The Italian national team in Budapest for the second round of the World Cup

Italian Renaissance

The team of eight athletes will participate in the next two stages of the World Cup (there are also Alessandro Colasanti and Giorgio Micheli And Aurora Tognite), except for decisions about managing athletes who, like Elena Micheli, must snatch the pass for the final beforehand, seems certain. “We are pleased with the work done. Since this year, we have changed almost everything – says Bitner – by exploiting the human potential that we already had. Previously, due to problems mainly related to the federal political sphere, the available human capital slipped into the background. “. The future of the modern Italian pentagon also runs through the structures. “Thanks to the Pnrr funds, we hope that the Montelibretti Federal Center, whose history dates back to the 60th Rome Games – continues Bittner – will be restructured to be able to return to the national and international gatherings. There is a guesthouse that will also allow those coming from abroad to train and compete with our athletes” .

Los Angeles 2028 Games in Danger

The modern pentathlon will be the champion at the 2024 Paris Olympics, as Italy aims to bring in four athletes, two men and two women. However, he risks disappearing from the Los Angeles 2028 program. Horse riding is under accusation, after German Annika Schleu punched a horse in Tokyo. dividing the public between a “normal gesture, usual in competitions” and a scandal raised by animal rights activists. In order not to enter into new controversies in the modern pentathlon, he was asked to find a fifth system for the replacement of rides. It is, moreover, an expensive test that risks alienating those who cannot afford to compete. The International Federation decided to respond to the requests. Among the candidate sports a kind of military obstacle course, recovered from the past. It will then be necessary to see if the IOC will agree to the change and whether it will consider it a sport that is still attractive. The stumbling block in Los Angeles is that regulators are pressing to exclude the modern pentathlon, which is not practiced in the United States and could be replaced by a system that could guarantee the United States a medal.

“A complete sport for physical development”

While waiting to find out what will happen in six years, the Italian Federation’s goal is to spread the modern pentathlon in schools. “Now that the firearm has been replaced with a laser pistol – concludes Bitner – we can get closer to children and teens. Also thanks to the support of sports and health and the attention of the Undersecretary for Sports Valentina Vesali. Modern pentathlon is a complete motor experience useful for physical development. “At Lignano Sabbiadoro, in September, the U-17 and U19 World Cup: an opportunity to get acquainted with one of the oldest sports that is now trying to adapt to the demands of charisma and splendor necessary to be present at the Games.