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Missing teenagers Giuseppe and Carol have been found in Olbia

Missing teenagers Giuseppe and Carol have been found in Olbia

The story ended with a happy ending that saw the protagonists Giuseppe Continue e Carol Singing, two teenage boys from Olbia have been missing for several days. After a relentless search by family members, citizens and the police, the juvenile couple was found on the evening of Saturday, February 3. Both are tired, but fine.


As reported by news agencies, Giuseppe and Carole were in hiding Church of Santa Lucia, located on the outskirts of Olbia. The police and Carabinieri managed to catch up with some of the boys' friends who were bringing food and water to their companions. The little church, a sanctified building immersed in the Sardinian countryside, must have seemed like the perfect place to hide.

Upon discovery, the two boys, in good health despite being cold and somewhat malnourished, were taken to the Olbia Police Station. He questioned. The good news was immediately conveyed to both the parents. The Sasari Juvenile Prosecutor's Office is now investigating the case to try to understand the reasons that led to it. Voluntary dismissal. A section that lasted almost 10 days. According to some rumors, Carol and Giuseppe ran away because of something. The rest is still unknown.

“He's fine, but he's so skinny, he started crying when he saw us and held us He huggedGiuseppe's father, Antonello Contini, told news agencies.

Reasons for escape

What did Giuseppe and Carol see or do to make them disappear? According to what has been filtered so far, the boy's friend will have revealed that he got it in some way Confession From one of the two, he would have said he did “A mess“However, everything needs to be confirmed. In this version, the youths involved will be interrogated.

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One can even hypothesize Armed robbery Against a shop owner in the area, but all must be verified. Both boys have been taken into custody. Investigations are coordinated by Laura Andrea Bassani.

The end of a dream

A great relief to parents, who have not lost hope in recent days, launched continuous appeals and dedicated themselves tirelessly to research. Giuseppe Cantini and Carol Canu, aged 15 and 17, disappeared on January 25 and have kept Italy in suspense until today.

Elizabeth, Joseph's mother, wanted to revealgratitude State Police and the Carabinieri of Olbia, State Prosecutor Daniele Rosa of the Tempio Pausania Prosecutor's Office and the media for the commendable public service”.