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Meloni: “For the South, no subsidies, but tools to compete on an equal footing”

Meloni: “For the South, no subsidies, but tools to compete on an equal footing”

Prime Minister in Catania Georgia Meloney Moving away from the logic of welfare aid, it encourages the South to look to the future with optimism. “I don't want a South living on subsidies” but “a South that has the tools to allow the South to compete on an equal footing. There is a gap and we must fill the gap to demonstrate how much the South is worth without the discrimination it has had in the past.

Speaking at Enel Group's 3Sun Giga factory, the Prime Minister added: “We have launched the Southern Mandate and established harmonization agreements with the regions”. Again: “Where the funds are not spent we can Cancellation of funding And where there are delays we can intervene with alternative powers. In a few weeks we will present the Development and Integration Agreement with Sicily, which will be very financially significant.

An important note of Pnrr funds dedicated to the world Farmers“It's very important for us – underlines Meloni – they go from 5 8 billion“.

“I am very happy to be in Catania on such an important day for the city – observes Melony -, Perhaps the most important day of the year is the Feast of Sant'Agata. I would like to thank Mayor Tarantino for giving me the opportunity to witness live what is recognized as one of the three most attended religious events in the world. It is a long love story that connects Sant'Agata with the people of Catania. It is a story of faith and devotion – the Prime Minister recalled – it speaks of identity and heritage, all of which I believe are especially important to protect at this time”.

In one paragraph of his speech, the prime minister said, “We stop spending the resources that are available in Italy, every euro must be landed to solve the citizens' problems. We complain that there are not enough resources, but it is explained as 'another' problem. The problem: sometimes the resources are not spent. In perspective, here for strategic tasks as well. . An industrial center like this, which makes us the first in Europe, is very important to be born in Sicily, in Catania. And he underlined: “This is part of a precise government strategy.”

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