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“Residue”. In the race against time, the latest negotiations on bath offers revolve around this adjective, and compensation will be calculated for companies that have not received a renewal after several years of operation based on its value. 2023 Binding. The government has inserted it to make it clear that this is an assessment net for depreciation, a solution unsuitable for Lega and Forza Italia. Therefore, the agreement is still missing and there is a night or so before the last attempt, as the Senate Industrial Commission, as scheduled, is due to complete the examination of the competition bill tomorrow, and in addition the agreement on the appointment of executive members is not a bath tip. On Monday, the move would have to go to the chamber for approval, and there is a risk that the government will blind the basic text by placing confidence. The balance seems to have been found in the reasons why municipalities can discount tenders for up to one year until 31 December 2024. Not on compensation. Deputy Minister of Economic Development Gilberto Pichetto (FI) presented to the majority yesterday the latest proposal for government mediation, attempting to fix the text with at least several versions in twenty-four hours. Piccetto expects to reach an agreement in a timely manner. Once a new text is ready, another majority meeting will be needed tomorrow morning, if not overnight. Then the opinion of the budget committee. The

Meanwhile, one-day comparisons were not enough, and senator Liu Vasco Errani tried in vain to convince his colleagues from FI and Lega of the opportunity to consider the value of depreciation. “There is no agreement yet, we can not talk about the value of the residue. Recognized various articles of key action for NRP. This includes concessions for the supply of natural gas, and compensation to local authorities is calculated accurately at “residual value”. “But for beaches it is a different matter, there are investments that are unrestrictedly approved by local authorities,” Mallekney noted, adding that he has always been involved in the protection of bathing companies. With the trade unions fighting the solution taken by the government in these hours, the European mandate was addressed by Polkstein and as a result in November the State Council established that these concessions would remain in effect until the end. Not next year as extended by Count I until 2033. The FdI Blitz also failed against that sentence: the Constitutional Court declared the appeal of the seven members of parliament headed by Ricardo Zukoni “unacceptable” and accordingly the parliament which the state council had ignored. According to the consultant, “there is no legitimacy for applicants to emphasize the uniqueness of the room they belong to, not themselves”. The game in the competition bill (living in an equally tense second half in the room, asking for part of the law on league taxis) is politically intertwined with financial representation. After various adjournments, it was again scheduled for June 20 in the living room. However, prior to the resumption of proceedings in the Finance Committee, a majority meeting will be required to approve the new agreement: Arbitration with the Lega and FI will be coordinated with changes requested by the other committees in the land register defined by Palazzo Siki. Moreover, the study of the aid bill comes first on the agenda of the Finance Committee, which is a very complex rule, aimed at inserting an amendment against the waste-energy plant in M5s Rome. Another test case for possessing an increasingly dangerous majority.

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