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Painting and Flowers: Gee’s Secret Message to America

Painting and Flowers: Gee’s Secret Message to America

During the last visit Anthony Blinken In Beijing, the second in ten months, The Chinese A series was sent to Washington “Coded messages“. Few have noticed them, preferring to focus only on the content of the official statements issued by the two governments and the statements coming from the mouths of Blinken and the Chinese leader. Xi Jinping. Nevertheless, the Dragon has sent signals of identity to its American counterpart. Apparently invisible, but this, once understood, represents the true outlook of the Asian giant towards its Western rival.

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Let’s take it Photograph In the last meeting between Blinken and Xi, let’s compare them with what was taken during the previous face-to-face meeting between the two last June. Both were staged at Fujian Hall Great hall of people in Beijing. Nothing strange so far, the Chinese government confirms the significance of the situation. l’Atmosphere However, it was very different as the two changed Floral arrangements Located in the center of the room, and the behavior of the Chinese leader (a little more than in the past).

This year marks the 45th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the United States – Xi explained to his guest – And the two countries should be partners, not rivals. Both of them should achieve success and not harm each other. Instead of entering into fierce competition, they should seek common ground while maintaining differences. Instead of saying one thing and doing another, they should keep their word and be firm in their actions“.

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In particular, in both meetings, Shi sat at the head of the horseshoe table, in front of a large painting. Spring landscape was set up Monty Wuy, located in the mountains of Fujian Province, is an area famous for the cultivation of oolong tea. Blinken and the American delegation instead faced off against their Chinese counterparts. The most obvious change is Fiori Positioned at intervals of agreement between the respective representatives.

Symptoms that cannot be underestimated

Why is it worth paying attention to flowers? When Xi and Blinken met ten months ago, the space between the tables was occupied by flowers Red lotus e White buds. Last week, at the same place, there were no colorful flowers. Other plants were: i Croton From the garden. Lotus symbol in ChinaHarmony (In Chinese, the word lotus is a homophone of, among other things, harmony), good fortune, wealth, love and purity. Conversely, croton (without flowers) indicates ChangeUncertainty, The ChangeChameleon nature.

for, in the spring, the Chinese government, ever careful of decorations under such circumstances, did not welcome the sent man Joe Biden With happy plants? Simple: because in China every gesture has a meaning (almost always ignored by the West). In short, the croton, whose leaves change color, can represent a Change of mind Beijing’s toward Washington, or indeed hope Xi’s delivery to America is now over. As the site explained it cannot be rejected Nikki Asia ReviewCroton’s uncertainty is increasingly reminiscent of the immediate Presidential elections America.

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