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Milan, the new stadium in San Donato: photos, this is what the facility will look like

Milan, the new stadium in San Donato: photos, this is what the facility will look like

It will have a capacity of 70,000 seats, in addition to other functions, including the club museum, hotel, entertainment and commercial facilities.

Marco Basuto

While waiting for concrete – and here with the forecast, it’s roughly October 2025 – Milan is bureaucratically laying the first big stone for its new stadium. After months of technical meetings and feasibility studies, the Rossoneri Club submitted to the Municipality of San Donato Milanese a proposal for the urban planning variant necessary to continue the project developed in the San Francisco area. An official act that practically puts the club’s intentions in black and white and passes the ball between the feet of the municipality of Milan’s first belt.

This measure was also made possible by the acquisition last June of SportLifeCity, the company that owns the land. In that sense, the key part of this first phase is one part, in particular: SportLifeCity has already secured San Francisco area zoning permits to build a nearly 20,000-seat sports district. Therefore, the intended use does not change, and the building area involved does not change. Tangible in simple words: 108 thousand square meters (as it was and will remain the same) located between the beginning of the Eastern Ring Road of Milan and the intersection that allows those coming from the A1 motorway to enter the city. Instead, the total area of ​​intervention will grow: from 300,000 to 460,000 square metres, “surplus” in some areas – when looking at the map from above – to the left of the highway intersection. But these will be interventions of an environmentally sustainable nature.

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This is what Milan calls the “new gateway to Milan”, in a strong sign of sustainability (various improvement interventions are planned for the use of green areas in the South Park, with usable green spaces that will increase the area of ​​​​80 thousand square meters of the previous proposal to about 235 thousand) And so is the vision, since the future Rossoneri facility will be the first large structure that those arriving in the city from the south will encounter. Through Aldo Rossi, they are keen to point out that this is only the beginning of the journey, but at the same time they emphasize “intensive work with consultants and the use of large sums of money to carry out an in-depth assessment”. Words of President Paolo Scaroni, who assessed the situation together with Tim Romani, former president of Caa Icon and project leader of this project, and his close collaborator Nicolas Gancikov. Introduction: We have not yet reached the point of talking about the external appearance of the facility (in presenting a “neutral” stadium appearance), nor the possible naming, but several characteristics of the project, managed by Studio Manica, have been clarified. Hence: a 70,000-seat stadium with deeper stands and more spacious seating, also suitable for events, concerts and other sports (American football, rugby). In close proximity to the facility are the new Casa Milan, a department store and museum, a hotel and a leisure centre, in line with the guidance of Jerry Cardinale, who has already worked with Roman on several other facilities in the USA. In terms of traffic, new interchanges in the northern and southern directions, pedestrian bridges to connect San Donato to the southern park, and strengthening of the railway line are planned, with the station directly overlooking the San Francisco area.

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Next steps? Within the next two months, the Municipality of San Donato will study the proposal in detail and then submit it to the region, which will intervene in the urban planning variable and continue the dialogue with Milan. The timing that the club envisions: The project is approved in the spring of 2025 at the latest, work begins in October of the same year, and Milan is on the field in the new facility starting from the 2028-29 season. The strengths envisaged by the club will also relate to the impact on the area, with the east-west connection from San Donato towards the Chiaravalli Monastery, ease of use and services in the South Park (by the way, the dialogue with the institution has not yet taken place). Initially, but its board of directors voted on a proposal that expressed a negative opinion on Any requests for facility construction). Milano also strongly emphasizes what the project does not anticipate: no “above ground” construction in South Park, no shopping mall, no flow of cars or parking in the Chiaravalle area or the town of San Donato. “We have been working intensively in this area for a year – explains Scaroni – and it seems to be an easy choice for us. Is San Siro a completely closed chapter? He is not dead, but far from it. Let’s assume that if Sala manages to remove the restriction, he will regain his strength… “. Tim Romani says he’s confident: “For me, this will be the last project, and I’m here because we’re going to do it. The project will be done.”

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