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Democratic Party reformists are at a crossroads: it is time to clarify matters even within the main party of the Italian left


There are moments in the political life of parties when it is useful to activate some groups that, unfortunately, suffer from a deficiency in contemporary politics compared to those that were practiced in the past.. I am referring specifically to the categories of tenacity and courage. Two elements in reality, struggling, in stages of political crisis and representation, to create a true and credible citizenship.

Because more often than not other trends prevail: That is, subordination to the prevailing thought, negative compromise, and abandonment of playing a decisive and qualified political and cultural role because it is sacrificed on the altar of personal or current interest.

This is the case of the so-called “reformists” within the Democratic Party. Reformers are of different cultural origins, particularly those of popular Catholic, secular, and liberal origins. Now, beyond the various rumors and backstories that we read about in various media, there is no doubt that the new political, cultural, value-based and programmatic path of the Schlein Democratic Party will develop. It is simply an alternative to that reformist culture. This is because the New Democratic Party, as the party’s national secretary keeps repeating, has a political imprint that is clear enough that it is not immediately recognisable: that is, it is a left-wing party – and it is a very left-wing party. Natural and obvious too – radical, extreme, extremist and libertarian.

A profile that is clearly legitimate but defines very precise political boundaries and, at the same time, strictly defines who can identify themselves in this society. Or better yet, who can identify themselves with this political project. Thereafter, it will always be the voters alone who will decide how good and effective, or not, that political, cultural and governmental project developed by Schlein and her staff is.

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However, what certainly appears, apart from the hype and chatter, is quite simple. This means that all those who do not formally and substantively identify themselves with a party that rejects the radical, far-left, and libertarian-inspired political line have only three paths to follow: abandoning that party for the sake of personal cohesion and taking a more credible political path. Out of respect for culture; Continuing to remain opportunistically in a party alien to its roots for reasons of personal and collective power alone, or, ultimately, pretending that nothing is happening, thus organically and objectively abandoning playing any political role within that party.

For this reason, it is time to clarify matters even within the main party of the Italian left. A clarity that Ellie Schlein never had to offer, since she has consistently won Democratic primaries on a clear, specific, and unambiguous policy project, which she now expresses concretely through her profile, her personality, and her manner. Having said that, the challenge concerns all those who demonstrate and flaunt their daily wails and then silently and opportunistically hide behind the finger of sole authority.

Because, if this continues like thisConcrete behavior of various Delrios and GeriniansOne can come to the simple conclusion that a radical disconnect remains between one’s political, cultural and value beliefs and one’s perceived party membership. For these simple reasons It is also time for clarity in the Democratic Party. Political, not personal. It is clearly for the good and quality of reformism, and not for the personal destiny and power of the individual preachers of the Democratic Party..

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