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“My career will be over”

“My career will be over”

Special weekend for Haaland. First goal against NottinghamThen the flight that took him to Oslo. A trip was on the agenda to keep on schedule david yarrow, 57 years old, artistic photographer. Did you move it? Set up a photo shoot for charity Through fundraising. So here it is a Haaland is undrafted, wearing a Vikings uniformImmersed in the icy waters of the fjord with axe, sword, fur and shield. The striker was enjoying taking pictures, but he was also risking injury. “It was a very strange and a bit surreal experience, especially since he is a lot taller than me but we laughed a lot. It all happened so quickly and even now I can’t think of a better person to wear a Vikings uniform. “It suits him wonderfully to see him again, and for me it was a privilege For real. I undertook this project with humility and a sense of responsibility. “His time is valuable and I didn’t want to waste it.”“Yarrow said.

Haaland and the risks to the group

The photographer then admits that he got special attention because of it Haaland was in danger: “We had rubber boots specially made for Erling, because in these Norwegian fjords there are many small oyster shells. Before the service as we were walking in the fjord, I thought that he should not step on a sharp rock. A sharp tip would have been enough because “The consequences that would have followed would certainly have ended my career. So when we started walking in the water we did so with great care towards him. Step by step, until he reached the necessary distance, which was of course farther than most people could reach.”

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