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Milan, Beoli conference in real time

Milan, Beoli conference in real time

“It will be a romantic race with a special flavour, but we won’t have to think about it too much. We came from three wins and we have to keep pushing.”

at home Milan It’s time for the first Italian league derby against him Monza. And the Stefano Pioli He keeps his guard before the match against former Rossoneri president Brianza Silvio Berlusconi. “You will be one romantic race With a special flavor, but we should not think too much about it – explained the Rossoneri coach -. We came from three victories and We have to keep payingThen on training and injury Minyan: Origi and Rebic together is a possibility Against Monza, I will decide tomorrow. Mike will be out until January“.

pegs conference

Birthday gift
“I would like the team to be able to play at their level. Also because they start an important part of the matches in a row to start well”

special game
“It will be a special match against Monza, with a romantic character. Berlusconi and Galliani made Milan history. But we must try not to think too much about it, because we have to face a match with flaws at best. In a way that we can. We came from three wins and we have to keep going. in payment”

Theo and Mainian
“What happened to Theo was a very upsetting situation. In the first few days he was very upset, but he was coming down on the pitch and we are close to him. For Mainan we are very sorry for his injury. He is an important player and he was doing everything to come back. We did all the things in The right time. She had a problem that wasn’t in the same muscle. An injury that I think will keep her out until January.”

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“There are two things I keep in mind. We will play 7 matches in 22 days and no player will play all of them. Otherwise, there is a risk of injury. I have a group of strong players and I know the team does not. You lose value both technically and personally. If you make Any changes. Strong players will always play and the team is ready to face Monza. We are getting back important players like Kjaer and CDK.”

Origi with Rebek?
“There is this possibility, but I will decide tomorrow morning and depending on the condition of the players”

Decisive match with other direct clashes
“We have to push. Because to repeat last season we have to score a lot of points. We have to run the race on ourselves. We came from three wins in a row and we have to try to keep going. We need to score a lot of points regardless of the opponent’s calendar.”

Does it distract you from the Champions League?
“I am not afraid of this danger. The players are excited and alert. We know there will be difficulties and pitfalls, but we want to continue the positive period in the league.”

Fewer head-to-head clashes until the World Cup
“We can’t underestimate anyone in the Italian championship. We can make the calendar easier with performance and quality. The next race is always the toughest and most important to face.”

A less brilliant team with Verona
“We were not compressed. We lost the distance very early. We were divided in two and by expanding the spaces we gave the impression that we were underperforming. We were also less visible”

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Phone calls with Berlusconi
“This week he didn’t call me… We talked in the past. We talked about football in general and he expressed his technical and tactical ideas”

Milan shake with new arrivals?
“The more time passes, the more new players are integrated. They are good people and when there is a need and there will be a need they will be able to prove it. It was a complicated forensic test with Verona, the whole team was not stressed. This experience and can do better “

“It is not certain that he will not be affected by the rotation. He is experienced, mature and respected by his team-mates. The goalkeeper is also important for building the game. He will also be useful at this point.”

“He is a complete striker like Giroud. They both know how to work between the lines and the depth of attack. He is technical and physical, he kicks well with both feet and has speed in space. The choice will depend on their condition and characteristics from the match they are playing. We think we can explain”

CDK position in the field
“He is an offensive player. He can play inside the field, but also right of center or left of center. He can also play with Diaz up front. It depends on the availability of players. The more quality players you have on the field, the higher your chances of winning.”

“He is a great guy. Perfect in every way. He is helpful, serious, polite and professional. I am satisfied with his performance. When asked, he is ready. He is smart and has build quality as well. He is ready to make an important contribution to us”

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“Zlatan is never vulgar and he is always attentive and very smart. He knows how we want to play and how we prepare for matches. He is useful to his teammates and in comparison to me. He is fine, but the recovery will be long. He works with determination, spirit and will. He is a very important presence at Milanello.”

Worst team with kids
“The team has never lacked determination and mentality. We must continue in this direction. We must try to close matches first. Character and spirit have never been lacking in this team.”

Monza hitch
“He defends strongly and dribbles well with top players. They have perfect legs and characteristics. Since Palladino has been around, he has conceded only one goal and lost only one game.”

“He’s a lot like Tonali because he has energy, man and time to catch up. A player who takes advantage of even a few meters in front of him.”