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LIVE TMW - Manchester City, parla Guardiola: "Cristiano Ronaldo? Decide lui dove vuole andare"

LIVE TMW – Manchester City, Guardiola speaking: “Cristiano Ronaldo? He decides where he wants to go”

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Challenge to Arsenal, but also the potential arrival Cristiano Ronaldo. Pep GuardiolaThe Manchester City manager speaks at the press conference and talks about hot topics related to the English club.

14.36 – Guardiola’s press conference begins. The first question about Ronaldo: Do ​​you want to buy it?
“I can’t say much. Kane will continue at his club, a great team like Tottenham. Ronaldo was, I think he still is, a Juventus player. I can only say that in the remaining three or four days anything can happen. From my point of view, There are a few players, including Ronaldo, Messi and a few others, who decide where they want to play. They are leaders and they decide. I am more than happy with the team I have and I think we will stay that way, there are many things at the moment that are not still far away.”

What do you think you can train Ronaldo after Messi?
“I repeat the same. Cristiano will decide where he plays, not City or something else. Today is a complex conference, tomorrow we have an important match and the conference will cover other topics. The only thing I can say is that I am happy to see them play. Messi and Ronaldo are great players and you can only say Thank you for what they’ve done. They’ve always been great. I don’t think we’ll see anything like this again in the future.”

Cristiano Ronaldo left Turin: do you want to buy it?
“I am very happy with the team I have. Only one player has changed and I am focusing on my team. I repeat what I already said: the kind of players where he wants to play. Take Messi: he decided he wanted it. Go to Paris and go there. They are the ones who open And they close the doors. Having said that, there are situations that I can’t control, I think about the work that needs to be done with the team.”

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He said he will leave City in 2023. When did you decide that and can he change it?
“I’m glad I can answer. I don’t decide to leave in two years, if things don’t go well I can leave in two to three months, if things go well after five years. I said it after that time I spent at Manchester City. I’ll take a break, sure there’s only this. Then it could happen in two months, two years, five years. Now I’m just thinking about getting my team to play better, but the only sure thing is that, I’ll take a break after this adventure is over. Then Perhaps I will return to training, with a club or with the national team. But I never said I would leave City in the next two years, thanks for letting me clarify that aspect.”

How did you react to Kane’s decision?
“The club did their best to get him. We couldn’t make an offer for Tottenham because they didn’t want to negotiate and when that was the case, there wasn’t much to do, that’s totally understandable. If Tottenham don’t want to negotiate, let’s not negotiate. If they are. They would have opened the door, we would have tried, and then they might have shot high. But Daniel Levy closed the door, Kane is a Tottenham player and I wish him the best.”

What do you think of the issue related to football matches in South America?
“I still have to talk to the club about it, there is no point in going to play for the national team and then having to spend ten days in the hotel without being able to play. I think the position of the club is that they are not leaving. But we talked about it a couple of days ago or so. Three days and we have to see each other again in the next few days to make a final stand. I think it’s something about the whole Premier League. We pay the players, if they come back on Thursday and we have the game on Saturday, but they have to spend seven or ten days in the hotel, is That’s logical “.

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How is De Bruyne?
“He’s getting better, but he’s still in poor shape.”

A complicated start to the league for Arsenal, what do you think?
“We played two games, not twenty. They believe a lot in Michael (Arteta, editor) and so far we’re talking about two games that have been played. We need time, that’s not all for granted.”