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Memorandum of Understanding between the General Employment, Contract Renewal Bot and the Trade Unions: ” Strike Withdrew ”

Trento. The Trade unions Trentino owners The maximum strike was dropped Tomorrow, Thursday 16 December is the general job opportunity. It has been achieved An agreement between the community partners and the province Renewal of contract.

After several weeks of tension between 5 Trade Union Confederations and Piazza Donte (Article here), 2022/24 The parties have found a contraction in the path leading to negotiations for the renewal of the contracts for a period of three years, in particular, the outstanding amount 2019/21, one item, the latter, which caused a sharp conflict as workers’ representatives felt that the allocations were not sufficient.

At this hour The Memorandum of Understanding between the State of Trento and the Federal and Trade Unions In the general employment contract. “Ethics – Reading Piazza Donte’s Note – The amendment submitted to the Budget 2022/2024 reaffirms Patin’s commitment by allocating resources for the renewal of the 2019/2021 Public Works Contract and the 2022/2024 three-year contract leave allowance.“.

As for the outstanding amount Three year period 2019/2021 If the 2023 fiscal maneuver does not agree with the fiscal perspective, when resolving the 2022 budget, find the relevant sources to “promise the manager – keep the note”.

According to the unions, “we firmly believe that by signing this agreement the 2020 protocol will finally be honored.” With the definition of protocol, the strike called for December 16 was called off. “It is an important decision that will pave the way for the recovery of the deal and the allocation of the necessary resources to improve the basic sector for restarting at this Govt stage. I hope this document will be a starting point for more peaceful relations with the political opponent,” he commented. Giuseppe Ballonch, Secretary of the CISL FP.

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