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Apple Store, in masks: Precautions against Omigran are back in the US

Apple Store, in masks: Precautions against Omigran are back in the US

The “unpublished” Apple stores did not last long: the Cupertino giant in fact In early November It removed the obligation for customers to wear the mask in the United States (and not in all stores, anyway), while employees were ordered to continue to use it. Now, according to the report The Wall Street Journal And yes Bloomberg, Rapid spread Of the Omigron variant Replace the cards on the table Apple restores all control over the infection Body stores In US territory.

In a note to Bloomberg, Apple said that this change would happen. “After reviewing the latest trends in COVID-19 cases in the United States“, Indicating that we are at a particular time of year” iChallenging for our stores“, அதுவா”Performance monitoring and management of store occupancy will allow you to communicate with clients and colleagues at the most convenient distance“.

The federal nature of the United States, on the other hand, makes such decisions more relevant at the corporate level because the need for the mask has already been re-established by several states, such as California and New York, but has not yet been determined. Top-down by federal dump at the national level.

Probably weighed on the scales An epidemic broke out at an Apple store in South Lake recently, In Texas, Covid and the store that closed its doors have 22 positive employees.

In particular, inattention suggestsNBC Talking about four former employees, they were called back to work by the store manager even though they were sick. However, if the safety cables are broken, it seems that the reason is the huge influx of customers associated with that period. Dell black silver: Apple has decided to make another decision on its own as we have Christmas and Omigran variants As already done at the end of July, In response to the rise of delta variation. A move that doesn’t just worry about re-introductionMandatory mask, But more Reservation Gates Avoid congestion inside stores.

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Reported by Bloomberg, Apple Holidays turnover is estimated to reach $ 118 billion in the fourth quarter of 2021: however it is predicted that the epidemic may be significantly reduced by the resurgence of emergencies.