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Members names, famous songs and true story

Members names, famous songs and true story

I’m college It is a famous Italian orchestra that many will surely remember.

It was especially popular between the seventies and eighties. Today we will try to get to know them better and understand what they are currently dealing with.

Who are the collages?

Like we said College I am a well known band. They became famous above all thanks to Sanremo when they introduced themselves to Tu Steal My Soul. Thanks to this song, they took second place at the 77th Festival.

The group was formed with Masino Usai (drums), Piero Bishida (guitar), Pino Ambrosio (singer and keyboard), Torri Fazzi (singer and bass), Piero Vazzi (singer and percussion guitar). Luciano Degortes was the lead singer but left early to pursue military service.

Over the years, however, the formation of College It changed again and in fact they later became the Quartet. However, starting in 2012, it’s returning to being a five-element group again thanks to the inclusion of Francesco Astara who takes care of drums and percussion.

Currently they are part of College: Tori Fazzi, Uchio Soro (guitar and vocals), Fabio Nicosia (keyboards and vocals) and finally Francesco Astara.

After various changes, in short, the college remained a group of four musicians.

Lately, we haven’t heard much about them and their music despite the fact that they are full of fans of the band. Precisely for this reason, we want to hope for what collages are doing today.

Their most recent work dates back to 2019 and is the album titled Unmistakable from which a song has also been extracted: Song Listen.

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The popular band has not pulled back from the scenes and often also takes part in some hosted programs on some TV shows, as happened to Oggi รจ unaltra Giorno, the broadcast on Rai 1 moderated by Serena Bortone.