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Wasn't a spa in Switzerland better?  / GF Vip "With good doctors..."

Wasn’t a spa in Switzerland better? / GF Vip “With good doctors…”

Paro Jaitani He was the protagonist in a confrontation with Delia Duran inside the Casa del Grande Fratelo Vape. The two are among the newest contestants on the reality show Canale 5 hosted by Alfonso Signorini, who both walked in a few weeks ago and in the past few hours have found themselves talking alone sitting on the sofa. An opportunity Delia took the leap to come back to discuss her relationship issues with her Alex Bailey, with the woman revealing that between the Centovetrine actor and Soleil Sorge in Mediaset form, not only moments of passion are experienced, but also moments of intimacy.

with Soleil While denying these statements and threatening everyone to reveal a secret about the couple formed by Doran and Bailey, Barrow instead focused on the solutions Delia and Alex adopted to try to find each other and see their relationship once again giving them a solid foundation to plan a joint future.

Barron to Delia Duran: “Can’t you get relaxation treatments or take a trip?”

At the Casa del GF Vip, Barù Gaetani asked Delia Doran if it would be better for her instead of joining the reality show to marry a different solution, which would allow her to find herself and make love back between her and Alex. : “But wouldn’t it have been better to go, like, to a spa in Switzerland with good doctors talking to you, or take relaxation treatments, perhaps, or go on a trip?”grandson said Costantino della Gherardesca.

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Delia’s prompt reply:This was what Alex had to do if he really wanted me back. However, Barrow did not immediately understand his statements: “Bring you or go to him?”. Delia: “If he really wants to step back and take care of me, he should do it.”. In short, the same sayings that were already on record in the previous weeks: Nothing new under the sun.

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