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Gf vip who got disqualified? An episode with an unexpected ending

Gf VIP eliminated? The January 17 episode reveals an unexpected surprise: the contestants in the nomination.


Gf VIP who was eliminated yesterday evening Monday 17 January 2022? An unexpected surprise during the episode: a contestant left home.

Monday’s date was especially bubbly and it can’t be like that until then Delia Duran entranceAlex Bailey’s wife. The actor, even if he leaves the house, is still the protagonist through the experience of the woman who still collides with Solly Sorge.

Delia found an “ally” at Casa Miriana Trevisan who had some unfinished business with Soleil. Doran and Influencer will be enemies forever too Will they find a meeting point? It’s not clear at the moment but it doesn’t look like they are likely to be best friends.

The heroine of the evening was also Natalie Caldonazzo, who wreaked havoc among Giffins. In fact, with her outspoken and self-confident personality, she caused more than one discussion.

Gf vip, here’s the top news of the week

There have already been many ups and downs such as the quarrel between Sulli and Delia continuing, but there are also moments of emotion such as the video message to his wife my hand expert, Mother’s surprise Sophie Codegoni And the story of Katia Ricciarelli, who spoke on her birthday about her very difficult childhood.

Space also to remembrance Massimo Troisi with Nathalie Caldonazzo Who remember that he had an affair with him years ago. Last night, as we know, no one but three particular contenders were ruled out: These are them.

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Gf VIP eliminated? None: Nominations

Caldonazzo last night had to face her “enemy” on the show. We’re talking about Valeria Marini, an old acquaintance, who accused him of still feeling like a “prima donna” like she used to be.

fierce confrontation Also with Sonia Bruganelli Who did not appreciate his behavior on reality TV. But for Natalie, there was also a really pleasant surprise: the visit of her mother Leontin Snell, a historical dancer and choreographer.

As it was big in my hand beautiful surprise During the Gf vip episode. Apparently, Sophie and Alessandro have carved out a space of their own, and are currently the only “stable” couple among Vippos.

Gf vip, stabbing Sonia Bruganelli at home: strong words

The candidates were Federica (Made by an expert, a fan favorite), David, Valeria, Giacomo and Jessica. On the Internet, some have criticized the 75-year-old Bedi for being a bit “quiet” while staying at home, possibly due to his advanced age. Federica has also been heavily criticized for certain behaviors towards Gianmaria, once again “seduced and abandoned”.

number Get rid of a competitor from Gf Vip Until yesterday, but next Friday there will be a farewell.