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Legacy, Maria Beatrice and The Storm on “The Song”: “Victory and Money Lost”

Legacy, Maria Beatrice and The Storm on “The Song”: “Victory and Money Lost”

a the legacy A new situation has broken out. In the episode It was broadcast this evening, Wednesday, March 6, and the winner was competitor Maria Beatriz, who won the trello challenge and the head-to-head match against her competitor in the 100 Second Challenge. Victory came in the guillotine. Starting with the five words, “home”, “quality”, “mass”, “wire” and “frittata”, the hero of L'Eredità, following the law “A minute to think” He wrote the winning word “air” on his card. But it is a pity that the victory was really small and that Maria Beatrice got a very small egg. In fact, he won only 5,000 euros.

And so on and so on

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“When you get one of the easiest guillotines ever, but you cut the entire prize pool in half,” one user wrote. Finally, someone raises some doubts about the choice of words for the guillotine: “They gave up victory and money, this program needs a complete review.” In short, as always, the Eredità episode sparks discussion and generates a lot of controversy on social media.

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