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Mata Morgane, the French woman who enchanted Italy

Mata Morgane, the French woman who enchanted Italy

It is very rare for public television that a foreign, and even more so French, series, shown in prime time on Rai 1, achieves good ratings and is rerun with new seasons. It may be a slow-burning fire, but the comparisons between our country’s novels are interesting – the yellow-and-pink ones with female characters, above all – and that Morgan – a brilliant detectiveSeason 3 has just arrived on Rai 1.

In France (it was) a television miracle, ten million viewers and the hero, Audrey Fleurot Who becomes an absolute celebrity. She’s there Morgan From the title, a strange example of an ordinary girl working an ordinary job. But that’s because she can’t stop her life’s urges, she has three children by two different men, she’s managing them alone and they’ve cut off the power to her home due to unpaid bills. However, his IQ is 160 (originally called the series HPIabbreviation for High intellectual potential) a brutal photographic memory and similar intuition. Thus, she finds herself a police advisor in Lille, but because of her extreme anger, Morgane gets into one problem after another.

Season 3 picks up with her outside the police itself and the thermal inspector fulfilling their dreams of love (he’s crazy too). But everything is in full development. None of this would work if the protagonist didn’t either Irresistible pocket-sized Jessica Rabbit – but not too much – with overwhelming physicality in every scene. The authors, mostly women, allow themselves, this time more, graphic and dreamlike digressions into the often farcical and ever-increasing plot.

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In France, it lost its audience, but we are still at seven million instead of ten. Maybe it’s time to go back to the originals that tasted above all like freshness and noticeable pleasure, without making too many demands. The plots surrounding the crimes aren’t bad.


The third season is very recent. But when Morgan begins to compare Italy and France and the ensuing rivalry, two characters appear side by side on screen: Sarkozy And Berlusconi. The French are nostalgic for the good times.