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Benedetta Parodi’s pepper-based recipe teaches you how to prepare dinner when you don’t feel like cooking

Benedetta Parodi’s pepper-based recipe teaches you how to prepare dinner when you don’t feel like cooking

Benedetta Parodi’s recipe for dinner preservation | Source: ANSA photos

Benedetta Parodi suggests a super quick dish you can make for lunch or dinner that will make your mouth water. Discover the super easy recipe!

Fabio’s wife Carissa Benedetta Parodi recently celebrated Her fiftieth birthday, an age that represents an important milestone in the broadcaster’s life.

This period was marked by many professional successes, serious commitment and the joy of being a mother to her children.

Cooking is the focus of her career, as a television presenter (including shows such as… Look Who’s Eating, Benedetta’s Menu, Bake Off, Blessed ChefHe is an author of cookbooks,Very well cooked and eaten, welcome to my kitchen).

This passion fits perfectly with his reputation as a lover of good food. Today we bring you a very easy recipe for Benedetta with pepper. mouth watering!

Benedetta Parodi on TV with Undo

On September 8, by 3.4%. The announcer returned to the small screen with great joy With the first episode of the eleventh edition Undo In real time. In keeping with tradition, Benedetta took on the role of presenter, supported by the three veteran judges: pastry chefs Ernest Knam, Damiano Carrara and Tommaso Foglia.

“At this point, we have become a real family,” the journalist and TV presenter declared excitedly. The eleventh edition consists of 16 episodes and ends on December 15 with the victory of one of the sixteen participants in the race.

Pasta with pepper: quick and easy Source: Canva
Pasta with pepper: quick and easy Source: Canva

Benedetta’s recipe for saving dinner with pepper

The very quick recipe with leftover pepper suggested by Benedetta Parodi is a quick and economical solution, prepared in a very short time. During one of her programs, the presenter used leftover roasted peppers. To prepare this velvety alternative, Baroudi reused chopped roasted peppers and placed them in a pot with water or vegetable broth, a stock cube, paprika, salt, oil, and a little semolina. Once the peppers are cooked, everything is mixed and served with a touch of almonds.

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There is another alternative that Benedetta always suggests and always anticipates Leftover peppers are used in delicious rolls. Each medium-sized pepper can be cut into about 8 slices. These pieces are then stuffed with ham and mozzarella for pizza, seasoned with salt, pepper and a drizzle of oil. It is then rolled, coated in breadcrumbs and baked at 180 degrees for 10 minutes. How watering, right? All you have to do is try them!