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Did you understand France?  |  Gramelini coffee

Did you understand France? | Gramelini coffee

France has published One hundred and twenty soldiers on the Ventimiglia border Rejecting “invading” immigrants and thoughtfully returning them to Italy: unable to return them to their country of origin, the French pretend that this country is ours. Can you imagine Texas sending troops to guard the gates of Louisiana? Yes, but that is the real United States, not an operetta union.

Initially, a rumor spread that Macron had mobilized anti-terrorism forces, and this did not cause any particular scandal in French public opinion. The presence of soldiers on alert on the borders of a sister country does not raise much in words. Well, if we were looking for evidence of the abyss that separates words from facts, and etiquette from substance, it has served us well. The most pro-European government in Europe, and also the quickest to impart lessons of arrogant civility, once one of its vital interests is touched becomes as sovereign as Orbán and worse. While the sovereign Meloni, who feels with Orbin that she is on a mission on behalf of God, is forced by circumstances to ask for Brussels’ help and to condemn the failure to respect the principles of mutual assistance which, if she wins the next election, the European elections, will rapidly change.

In the end, doubt remains: but was the French politician on the Pontida platform alongside Salvini Madame Le Pen or Mr. Macron?