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Mark Zuckerberg, annoying revelations about the inventor of Facebook

Full accusation against Mark Zuckerberg. His Meta will use AI for money. The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) revealed this after presenting a prototype of the chatbot, submitted by the American company that controls social networking services Facebook and Instagram, and the instant messaging services WhatsApp and Messenger.

Mark Zuckerberg was vilified by his chatbot – Adobe Stock

The new prototype of Meta chatbot software He told the BBC that Mark Zuckerberg is exploiting his users for money. For its part, Meta claims that the chatbot uses artificial intelligence and can chat “Almost any topicWhen asked about the opinion of the chatbot of the company’s director and founder, he repliedOur country is divided and it has not helped us at all“. still.

To another question about Zuckerberg, the chatbot then responded more critically, saying,His company takes advantage of people for money and he doesn’t care. Must stop!“.

Meta self-harming: BlenderBot 3 causes hive of controversy

Mark Zuckerberg He defends himself against claims of his software designed to simulate conversations with humans, explaining how the chatbot was a prototype but acknowledging that it can produce rude or offensive responses. Heavy charges remain.

All those who use the Blender Bot are required to acknowledge that they understand that it is for research and entertainment purposes only, that it may make false or offensive claims, and that they agree not to intentionally activate the bot to make offensive claimsMeta spokesman said. The chatbot has been called BlenderBot 3It was released to the public, but only in the United States for now, however, causing controversy in the hornet’s nest.

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Meta chatbot makes unpleasant comments about the company – Adobe Stock

Not just the BBC, actually. The The Wall Street Journal It highlights how the Meta chatbot offers controversial answers to say the least, such that Donald Trump will always be President of the United States. For Business Insider, the chatbot would have defined Zuckerberg as “creepy person“.

algorithm BlenderBot 3 It searches the Internet, looking for answers directly from the Internet, so Mark Zuckerberg’s negative opinions are likely to be based on the opinions of other people the algorithm has analyzed.

Algorithms aside, BlenderBot 3 surely didn’t advertise Meta, a company that has been heavily criticized for not doing enough to prevent the spread of misinformation or stop the growing hatred lurking on its platforms.

However, the building looked encouraging: compared to the previous version, BlenderBot 3 has 31% more conversational skillsTwice the size of the encyclopedia, a natural language processing system 58 times larger. But these answers paint the fearsome Mark Zuckerberg.