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A storm with rain, hail and wind from Pordenone to the region of Lower Friuli

A storm with rain, hail and wind from Pordenone to the region of Lower Friuli

A collapsed tree in the street damages a fire truck. Problems also from Tarvisio to the lower Friuli region

pordenone; Just after 10 p.m. on Monday, August 16, the usual killer cocktail of rain, hail, and wind hit, preceded by “dry” thunder and lightning.

Rain and wind swept a large part of the dastra Tagliamento, with chairs and furnishings left outside the bars and houses that flew.

In some areas, it added hail, with damage primarily to crops, garden furnishings, and public facilities.

In Sanvitsi, a tree fell in the middle of the road, plunged into darkness by a blackout, and slightly damaged the vehicle of firefighters carrying out one of the many interventions caused by bad weather.

Another problem, sudden changes or power outages, with elevators clogged and alarms sounding. However, actual damage and inconvenience can only be calculated on Tuesday, August 17th.

Rain and strong winds also fall in Udine and in many areas of the province, from Tarvisio to the Lower Friuli region. Dozens of calls to firefighters due to the fall of trees, the collapse of branches and the flooding of roads. The most affected areas are Codrobes and Cervignanes. In some cases there were blackouts in the municipalities of Ronches and Talmason. In Lignano, firefighters working for trees crashed to the ground.

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