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Maneuver, sees M5s Draghi.  Proposals: Isee Unlimited Superphone, Financial Cashback and Incentives for Zero Emission Cars

Maneuver, sees M5s Draghi. Proposals: Isee Unlimited Superphone, Financial Cashback and Incentives for Zero Emission Cars

The chief’s meeting began Monday evening Mario Tracy With majority groups Budget Act. The first delegation received 5 star motion Made by the Chairman of the Government Delegation Stefano Paduvanelli And by Committee Leaders in the Chamber and Senate, David Grippa and Marolina Castellon. Mars turns League, Pd e Both. Meanwhile, the Senate is coming Corrections Be manipulative and approximate 950 Contributed by Pentastellati. The main proposals are about extension Super bonus In single-family homes until 2022 Isee without limits (Now the text instead offers a ceiling of 25 thousand euros) and Immediate refund of deductible expenses, so-called Money withdrawal Tax. The majority parties in the Palazzo Madama – competing in the first vote on the tax mandate at night – all present themselves with the most substantial sums: 1,108 amendments Both, 865 that Pd., From 976 League, 468 from Italy. Another 890 are from the mixed group, of which about 250 are from Liu and 210 from the Autonomous. On the other hand, there are 785 fixes by FdI. They are in everything 6.290 Amendments submitted to the Senate Budget Committee.

“It simply came to our notice then Department of Automotive, Where, in fact, not even Incentive For zero emissions, ”Grippa said. “It simply came to our notice then 500 electricity, Which has been selling well in Italy for some time in recent months. We need to find evidence to allow records of zero emissions to be recorded again next year. ” Rising energy prices: “We first brought to Parliament the need to provide a fund to help families and businesses in the current quarter. We are already worried about what the risk will be in the next quarter with the new year: the forecasts are not happy, so we listened to it. 2 billion Are in the maneuver today, implemented with immediate and structural action, viz Transferring a portion of the expenses to general taxation“.

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Castellon added, “I say through the services, the best way to access services through citizens Health care Always closer to the patient’s home, and more and more regional, for example by strengthening all means Diagnosis of cancer patients, To make up for the long delays we have accumulated this year. “

After the meeting, Pattuvanelli said, “Draghi agrees with us Income Do not touch. “The movement was” heroic ” Corrections Introduced in the Budget Act – Suspensions Worse By workers – now “citizen income should not make further changes in the parliamentary process, based on merit or financial assistance”. Again: “It is right to predict greater restrictions, but from a social point of view it is fair to say that the impact of the epidemic has made the impact of the epidemic better on those poorer groups. Reasonable offer, But this is the limit, we can not go further to those political forces that want to change this further, we will say for sure.

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