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Live broadcast of Ukraine – Putin meets Erdogan: “We are ready to re-launch the agreement if sanctions on Russian exports are lifted”

Live broadcast of Ukraine – Putin meets Erdogan: “We are ready to re-launch the agreement if sanctions on Russian exports are lifted”

Putin: The West deceived us about the wheat deal

“to”the West You misled us about the humanitarian nature of the wheat deal.” This was stated by the Russian President Russian President Vladimir Putin. Western countries still fail to live up to their obligations Commitments Against Russia because of the grain deal.

Putin: We are ready to relaunch the agreement if sanctions on Russian exports are lifted

there Russia “Ready to return to the wheat agreement,” but only when the two parties implement the points that stipulate the removal of obstacles in front of it exports of cereals and Fertilizers Russians. The President repeated it Russian President Vladimir Putin In a joint press conference with Al-Turki Recep Tayyip Erdogan After their meeting in Sochi.

The talks between Putin and Erdogan concluded after three hours

And they finished three hours later, a Sochitalks between the Russian president Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish Recep Tayyip Erdogan. This was reported by TASS agency.

The Verkhovna Rada considers the dismissal of Reznikov tomorrow

there Verkhovna Rada Ukraine, that is, the Verkhovna Rada, tomorrow, September 5, will consider the removal Oleksey Reznikov from the post of minister defense, Decided by the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky. bring it back UNIAN. application for Rustam Omirov As a new minister, she will be presented to parliament the day after tomorrow, Wednesday, September 6. And tomorrow also Parliament should dismiss Omerov From the post of head of the State Property Fund.

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Young man draped in the Ukrainian flag in Moscow’s Red Square: Stop

young man woman It was turned off this morning while walking on red squarel He fliesWrapped in the Ukrainian flag. The non-governmental organization to defend the rights of prisoners spreads the word OVD informationposted on his channel cable A picture of the woman from behind, taken by a bystander. to warn of his arrest OVD information It was the same woman she was identified as Alena KozhevnikovaWhich was transferred to the district police department Kitai Gorod.

Peskov: The first part of the negotiations was very constructive

They were a lot building” I talks And expanded to the delegations conducted so far between the Russian president Vladimir put it in and the Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who continue their meeting in a restrained format. This was stated by Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peshkov Quoted by the Tass news agency. He added, “The first part of the negotiations was very constructive in several sectors. Speaking of a “comprehensive analysis of bilateral relations,” Peskov added: “Detailed reports from ministers and heads of working groups and exchange of information.”

The Kremlin: “Putin and Erdogan will not sign any documents”

No document will be signed at the end of the ongoing talks a Sochi between the Russian president Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish Recep Tayyip Erdogan. He told the agency RIA Novosti Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov. Peskov said that the first part of the talks, which was also attended by the relevant ministers foreign Based on defenseThe talks lasted for an hour and a half and were “very constructive”, with “full exchange of information” and “a comprehensive analysis of bilateral relations”. now put it in And Erdogan They continued to talk face to face during the business lunch. Peshkov He stressed that in addition to the agreement on wheat, the agenda of the talks includes the situation in the country UkraineSyria and Libya.

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European Union: “Russia is benefiting from the Kiev blockade to export grain”

there RussiaBanning grain exports from Ukraine“,” In fact, she earns, because she causes prices to rise, collects a lot of money, and at the same time increases her income exports“Of wheat. This is confirmed by the official spokesperson European Commission External Affairs Peter Stanol Brussels During the daily press conference, Turkish President’s Day Recep Tayyip Erdogan meet at He flies Russian president Vladimir put it inIn an attempt to restore the agreement that allowed for a few months the export of Ukrainian grain across the Black Sea in wartime. He adds that for the European Union I’m tiredThe general expectation is that Russia At the very least, back to the wheat deal Black Sea. The main expectation is that illegal aggression against Ukraine, of which the European Union is a part, will stop Black Seawhich particularly affects exports Ukrainians. last night there Russia Launched another attack on regions Odessa And Dnepropetrovskheavily targeted infrastructure For the export of Ukrainian grain. This illustrates once again how Russia is exacerbating the global food crisis and endangering millions of vulnerable people around the world with its actions.

Moscow: “Improving our positions near Robotyn”

Ministry Defense of Moscow He said Russian forces had “improved their positions” near a village Robotinein the province of Ukraine Zaporozhye. In particular, the Russian soldiers had strengthened their positions in a village Verbovoyto the east of RobotineAccording to a statement from the ministry. The same source claims that 115 Ukrainian soldiers were killed in this sector of the front during the past 24 hours. And in recent weeks, the Ukrainians have said they won Robotine In their counterattack to move south towards Sea of ​​AzovBut the Russians never confirmed this news.

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