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Leclerc and Sainz explain what happened


For the first time in this my world both pilots Ferrari they were It was eliminated in Q2: a sad deja vu Last season. the stable Maranello Q3 sacrificed to implement racing strategy: Cavallino wanted to avoid starting Austrian Grand Prix with the Soft eraser.

“Obviously we cannot be satisfied with not being able to bring any rider to Q3 – explained the Racing Director Laurent Mekes -. But the qualification result was never interpreted as a racing function. In fact, with these placements we will have Possibility to choose the type of tires To start with, which should be an advantage over those in front of us on the net who will have to start with Softs.”

“Based on this particular reasoning, we chose to attempt to pass segment Q2 with the mean, The goal is to lose the width of the hair At the end of a session nine passengers were surrounded by less than twenty with many using the softer compound.”

“We had expected no more or less entering Q3 – admitted Charles Leclerc, twelveth -. I have to say the exit from Williams, also with middle school, is less expected. I don’t deny that I was surprised to see Williams George Russell We have the day ahead, even considering they qualified with averages. It wasn’t a perfect trip on my part. If you look at the times Carlos and I were very close. Sure I could have done better here and there and he did the same, but we hit the limit and it was possible today. Getting started with Lean has been particularly difficult for us and we’re glad we didn’t have to do that, and hopefully we’ll be able to benefit from this strategy.”

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And therefore Sainz, Tenth thanks to Vettel’s penalty: “The pace of the race is there, that’s for sure. We want to see how we can finish tomorrow in front of all those who start off smoothly. Finishing in front of Norris, who starts average, would be practically impossible. Russell also has the mean. It was the biggest surprise, but Mercedes engine here drivesIt’s not that this is wrong with Williams. This year Williams is going really fast on the forehands. George Ali won the playoffs last week, and Williams was known to be good. Hopefully we can finish behind Lando with both cars, so we still get points.”

OMNISPORT | 2021-07-03 23:49

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