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Lampedusa, new videos of the wreck.  "Lamorguez looks the other way"

Lampedusa, new videos of the wreck. “Lamorguez looks the other way”

Strong images that create consternation come directlySharing from Lampedusa There has been a huge influx of visitors in recent days. It was close to quota only in the weekend just ended 2 thousand And work is still underway to free up the first reception center, which will house about 300 migrants. Due to the large number of guests within the framework of the Impriacola District, it is impossible to guarantee compliance with hygiene and sanitation regulations. Migrants have been sleeping on the ground next to huge piles of garbage that have piled up in corners for days now.

Poor sanitation and hygiene conditions a danger Not only the guests themselves, but also the armies custody Call every day to resolve disputes arising for any reason. In recent days, agents explained that the situation inside the hotspot has become very dangerous. It is clear that spending a good part of the day in close contact with migrants increases the risk of infectious diseases for agents: Covid in the first place. “The situation is very complicated,” he says General Secretary of Sap Stefano Baloni Who continues: “Compared to previous years, many immigrants are arriving and there is less attention from public opinion, but this does not mean that the problem is not there and not big. The numbers are staggering. At the same time – continues Baloni – the organization that manages the center of the district of Impriacola has also changed, and it has recently been some Means to start running the mechanisms. Sometimes, health and hygiene conditions are very dangerous and we actually work by living with immigrants in the same areas.

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Stefano Baloni goes ahead and talks about some specific problems: “There are frequent tense moments. Migrants are particularly argumentative during food distributions, and it’s difficult to swab everyone’s throats for Covid because there are so many. But within the framework we live with them in adulterous conditions”. Police forces are called to intervene in high-risk situations and, due to the sanitary environment, they work many overtime hours and have to wait at least a year for relative pay. And here there is no lack of opinion about the work of the Home Minister Louisiana Lamorgues: “It is a known phenomenon that occurs every year in this period – says the Saab Secretary General – but Minister Lamoureges continues to do. A listening ear. It also baffles me that those who support welcome are willing to allow immigrants to live in inhumane conditions. “As for Lamorghese, in recent days the new mayor, Filippo Mannino, asked for a meeting with the aim of implementing rapid interventions. But the minister was not only unavailable, but spoke of an “inevitable crowd” inside the hotspot. The serious deterioration within the reception system did not leave indifferent the former mayor, QC Nicolini, who took pictures of the center in Libya. He compared it with the pictures he had seen.

Meanwhile, in Lampedusa, work is underway to light up the hotspot: yesterday 40 guests left the island with the liner, and 130 on the patrol boat of the harbor master’s office. Another 80 people left this morning on another patrol boat from the Port Master’s Office, and another 600 will be transferred by the intervention of the Navy’s ship San Marco.

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